If you run a local business and want to attract customers who are nearby, you can also promote your business on Google Maps. Ads with location extensions can run on versions of Google Maps for mobile and computer. You should also select Search Partners in your campaign settings.

Ads including location extensions can be shown with a marker on a map. These ads are associated with a specific point on the map, such as a store or restaurant. When a user clicks on this benchmark, more detailed information about the company will be displayed on the map.


Ad formats in the new version of Google Maps

AdWords are currently testing new ad formats, which can enrich the user experience on the new version of Google Maps. The new version of Google Maps is available for computer users who have enabled Google Maps.

This new ad version will be shown on the information card associated with the purple map icon with the reference “ad”. Recently these ads started to show below the search box when users did a search on Google Maps.

If your ad is eligible to be shown in the new version of Google Maps, only the first line of ad text will be displayed. It is possible that AdWords shorten the text so that it does show in the frame between 10 and 15 characters. However, users can view it in its entirety if they click on the marker on the map.


Configuration and eligibility of ads on Maps for computer

To have ads in the new version of Google Maps for computer, select the option Search Network partners in the network settings of your campaign. Ads must have a high quality score and be highly relevant to the users’ search in Google Maps. In addition, the targeted geographic area must match the search.

Location extensions are not required for ads in the information card (in the upper left corner) of the new version of Google Maps for computer.

Note that while AdWords test these formats in the new version of Google Maps for laptop, Google does not charge for clicks on your ads.


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