The right organization of an AdWords account lets you make changes quickly, to target your ads effectively and ultimately achieve maximum performance against your advertising goals. The benefits of a properly structured campaign, themes or products is not limited to the simplicity of organization and management of the account. You also have sets of ads and keywords that have direct relations between them. This allows you to improve your quality. Therefore, if the quality is high, you can easily maximize your return on investment.

A well-structured account includes separate campaigns for each product line, theme or type of service you offer. Each of these campaigns is composed of themed ad groups pointing to a product, a service or a particular topic. Finally, each ad group should contain a lists of specific keywords that have a direct connection with the ad text.


With an account properly structured, you can:

  • identify which ads generate the best conversions (like sales or leads) and the best traffic;
  • easily monitor changes;
  • better control of the budget and costs;
  • quickly search for specific keywords;
  • easily manage and modify your campaigns.

Three tips to consider in structuring your account

  • Organize your campaign so that it accurately reflects your website

To create an effective campaign structure, it is necessary to mirror the structure of the website. When creating campaigns and ad groups around a theme or a particular product, you can create keyword lists that refer directly to the relevant ad text, and advertisements that redirect the user to the right product page on your site.

For example, the website of a electronics store may include separate sections for each product type (Tvs, Computers, etc.).. It may also include pages or separate sections for each specific product (for example, 32″ TVs or Notebooks).

You can modify this structure to suit your business and the scope of your advertising campaign. For example, if you sell many types of tvs, you can create a campaign “tvs” containing various themed ad groups such as “32””, “Full HD”, “42””, etc.. No matter if you are selling a single product or service, you can always create a simple campaign structure focused on the specifics of your product. For example, if you only sell guitars, you can create multiple ad groups taking over your different products (“electric”, “acoustic”, etc..).

  • Create separate campaigns for an advertising campaign targeting multiple geographies

If your business serves several geographical areas, you can create a campaign for each. For example, if you own a store in the UK and Germany, you can create two separate campaigns targeting each one of these countries. Each campaign must be translated into the local language and make it clear that your products or services are available in the country.

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