The usability and user experience of your landing page refers to the level of satisfaction of users once they arrive to your landing page (the Web page to which they are directed when they click on your ad), according to AdWords estimates. You can improve the usability of your landing page by giving priority to the following three aspects:

  • provide relevant, useful and original content;
  • promote transparency and reliability on your site (eg, properly explaining your products and services);
  • facilitate navigation on your site (including mobile users).

The level of usability of your landing page affacts not only your ad quality, but also the cost of your advertising and your ad position.


Why is the usability and user experience of landing page important?

If you make sure to properly optimize your landing page, you will get better advertising performance and you will save money. Get the most out of your landing page by facilitating the buying process, the registration for a newsletter or any other action that you expect visitors to take on your site.

Improve the usability of your landing page:

AdWords uses automated systems as well as human assessments to determine the level of usability of your landing page. Your ads may be shown less frequently if they redirect users to landing pages offering a poor user experience. If you want to improve the usability of your landing page, you should consider doing some fine tuning. Here are some ways for you to improve the usability of your landing page>

  1. Relevant, useful and original content
  • Make sure that your landing page is directly related to your ad text and your keyword.
  • Provide useful information on your landing page related to the theme of your advertising.
  • Try to provide useful features or interesting content, found exclusively on your site.
  1. Transparency and reliability
  • Make sure that visitors easily find your details.
  • If you ask users to provide personal information, clearly indicate the reason for the request and the use you intend to do with this information.
  • Distinguish commercial links, like ads, from the rest of your content.
  • Openly share information about your company and clearly indicate its activity.
  1. Ease of navigation
  • Do not let users get confused in order to find the information they need.
  • Make sure that users can quickly and easily order the product being advertised.
  • Do not disturb users during their visit with pop-ups or other features that interfere with their browsing experience on your site.
  • Make sure they have easy access to additional information on the product in question.

The AdWords system visits and regularly evaluates landing pages. If you have made important changes to your landing page in order to improve usability, there will probably be no immediate change, but you should see results within days or weeks.

Know the level of usability of your landing pages

To know the level of usability of your landing pages on any of your sites, go to the tab keywords and position the mouse cursor over the speech bubble icon next to the status of a keyword. The level of usability can be:

  • Above average or Average: if one of these two states sgiws, everything goes well, the level of usability of your landing page does not have a negative impact on your quality.
  • Below Average: you need to improve the usability of your landing page, as it may have a negative impact on your quality. It would be recommendable to make some changes to the landing page of your website, taking into account the factors discussed in this article.

Usability of the page and rules relating to the quality of the site

When AdWords looks at the landing pages, it sometimes encounter pages that do not respect their rules on advertising. For example, if your landing page contains malicious software (such as a virus), it is obviously not friendly. Rather than having “Below Average”, AdWords doesn’t attribute any score to it. You will then see the words “Not applicable” and all the keywords or ads pointing to this website indicate the status Site suspended. This status indicates that you can not advertise for this website with AdWords because it does not meet one or more of their rules on the quality of the site .

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