You probably already saw an AdWords ad on your favorite news site or in your Gmail account, and you wonder how it got there. Such websites are in fact part of the Google Display Network. The Display Network is a group of partner websites that show Google AdWords ads. It includes, for example Google Finance, Gmail, Blogger and YouTube. But this is not all: the network also includes thousands of other sites and mobile applications.

With the Display Network ads , you can reach a large number of Internet users with varied interests, choose on which pages you want to appear, and target users with specificĀ interests using banner ads of many formats.

With the Google Display Network you can:

  • Reach new customers: attract the attention of potential customers at different stages of the buying cycle. For example, if you own an baby products store, you can hold the attention of a mother reading articles on the best brands of baby food.
  • Choose the location for your ads: in the Display Network, you can specify where you want your ads. For example you can choose certain websites or certain page types, and target the audience to which you want to distribute.
  • Capture the interest of users through appealingĀ ad formats : Display Network allows ads in text, image, video or rich media.

Scope of Display Network

With millions of partner websites, news pages and websites such as Google Gmail and YouTube, the Display Network allows you to broadcast your message to a larger number of potential customers.

The Google Display Network reaches 83% of Internet users worldwide (source: DoubleClick Ad Planner). They speak over 20 different languages and are in over 100 countries.

Display Network partners

Some partners Google Display Network:

By Pedro Silva

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