In AdWords, “relevance” indicates how your information is useful to your customers. To determine relevance, Google examines different elements in your account, such as your ads, keywords and landing page.

  • Your keywords should be terms that you think users are likely to use on their searches.
  • Your landing page is the web page to which you want the users to be redirected once they have clicked on your ad.

For your ads to be relevant, keywords and landing pages should have a close connection with the search of the user.



If a user searches for a pair of tennis and if you sell tennis shoes on your website, to be relevant, your campaign would have to:

  • include the keyword “pair of tennis”;
  • mention “tennis shoes” in the ad copy;
  • clearly display tennis shoes on the landing page.

A relevant ad leads the users directly to the product they are searching for.

Importance of relevance

Relevant ads tend to get more clicks, get higher ranking and perform better. You must be particularly attentive to the relevance when creating your campaigns. The relevance of your ads can also help you reduce your cost per click and thus save money on every click. Irrelevant ads tend to generate fewer clicks, or not appear at all.

Measure of relevance

To assess the relevance, Google uses the quality score. Low quality means that your ads, keywords and landing pages do not seem very relevant. In addition to the relevance of your ads, keywords and landing pages, many factors influence the quality score, such as the historical performance of your ads and the quality of the landing page.


Here are some suggestions for improving ads relevance:

  • Include in your ad text, words that belong to your keyword list.
  • Make sure your landing page clearly describes the product or service you are advertising.
  • Create ad groups for specific topics that maximize the connection between your keywords and ads.
  • Link your ad to the page of your site that provides the most useful information about the product or service that you are mentioning. For example, direct the user to the page where they can buy the product being advertised, rather than the home page.

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