There are two Google AdWords Payment options: post-paid and pre-paid . Based on your currency and your billing country, you have the choice between one or the other of these options, or both. Note that you will not be able to change the payment option later. So you need to choose your payment option carefully when creating your AdWords account.

AdWords Post-payment

If you choose the post-pay option, you pay after accruing the costs of your advertising activity. You are charged 30 days after the last payment or when your account costs reach your billing threshold, whichever is reached first.

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Google currently offers two types of post-payment options: credit card or debit card and Debit. Google does not accept payment methods such as PayPal. If you have sign up to any of these two options, you can switch from one to another at any time.

I. Credit card or debit card: If you choose this option, your ads will begin to be shown almost immediately after you submit your credit card information.

II. Debit: If you choose this option, Google will deduct AdWords payments from your bank account. You may be asked to provide a debit authorization or verify a test deposit before your ads can run. 

If you use the post-payment option, we recommend that you add a backup credit card in your account. If your primary payment method is declined, Google will then attempt to charge your backup credit card in order to ensure the continuous delivery of your ads.

AdWords Pre-payment

If you select the option of pre-payment, you set your ads in advance, that is to say, before  they start receiving clicks or impressions. You can make a payment on your AdWords account whenever you want, and Google deducts advertising costs. Google will notify you when your balance is running low. In the absence of funds, your ads is suspended until a payment is received from you again.


Google offers two types of pre-payment options:

I. Credit card or debit card: If you choose this option, Google will charge your credit or debit card for the amount that you enter and your account balance is updated almost immediately.

II. Bank Transfer: If you choose this option, you make your AdWords payments by transferring funds from your bank account and to that of Google. Your ads will start running as soon as your payment is received and processed. This process can take 5-10 business days.

Be sure to enter the correct reference number when you make a bank transfer . Otherwise, Google will not be able to match your payment to your AdWords account. 

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