Google Analytics Consultancy

We are Google Analytics experts. The goal of our GA consulting service is to help you to optimise your online business based on the data that Analytics provides. Know more, optimise better and faster.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Google Analytics is a very useful tool when we are talking about optimising eveything you do online.

It can be used in numerous ways to measure your site’s effectiveness,  to measure online campaign performance, to identify new business opportunities, to improve online performance and it gives insights that allow to spend time taking action.


We are specialists in Google Analytics and have helped hundreds of businesses over the years to properly use Analytics to leverage their businesses.

AdCom helps you to take action and optimise all aspects of your online business. Google Analytics is a great tool for that.

The GA Consultancy is included on the AdCom’s AdWords and SEO Management services.

AdCom’s GA Consulting Methodology

  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Analytics Account Setup
  • Google Analytics Implementation Audit
  • Reporting & Analysis
  • Customisable Google Analytics Dashboards
  • Analytics Conversion Optimisation

Google Analytics Reports Analysis

  • Visitors
  • Visits
  • Traffic Sources
  • Bounce Rates
  • Goals
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Geo Traffic
  • Keywords Analysis

How to enhance your business using Google Analytics

  • Optimise SEO, PPC, Digital Marketing
  • Understand what your analytics data is telling you
  • Set goals for improving crucial statistics, such as Time on site, Bounce rate and Pages per visit
  • Recognise keywords that are sending you the most business
  • Learn how visitors browse and interact with your site
  • Act on your data!

AdWords Linking

  • Assistance in linking AdWords to Analytics

Google Analytics Goals and Funnels Setup

  • We help you to define and create goals for your business on Google Analytics
  • We help you to setup funnels so that you understand the paths users take on your website