As your AdWords budget is limited you should spend it carefully. Not to exceed your budget, you may be tempted to interrupt your campaigns, but then you may lose clicks. Rather than running that risk, consider applying the following techniques to optimize the use of your daily budget:

  • Reduce your bid on limited by budget campaigns. That will reduce your cost per click and allow you to have extra clicks within the same budget.
  • Let AdWords automatically choose the bid for you, so that you can get as many clicks as possible within the limits of your current daily budget.
  • Select the “standard” rather than “accelerated” delivery for your ads.
  • Explore the recommended budget to analyze the impact that different budget levels could have on your performance.

Reduce the amount of your bid on campaigns limited by budget

While this may seem paradoxical, the fact of slightly decreasing your bids in campaigns that are limited in their budget can help you receive more clicks. Reducing the bids of your campaigns whose budget is limited can reduce the average amount you pay when someone clicks on your ads, leaving the possibility of your budget going further and getting more clicks. However, if you lower your bids too, you may get fewer clicks if your bids are no longer competitive. If you choose to lower your bids, ensure that the reduction is not excessive.

Ways to optimise your AdWords campaign daily budget


Leave AdWords automatically choose your bid

Instead of decreasing the bid yourself, you can leave AdWords adjust it automatically for you. Therefore, by modifying your cost-per-click (CPC) bids at the keyword level, AdWords will remain within the daily target budget you have set for your campaign budget.

Switch from “accelerated” delivery mode to “standard”

If you are using “accelerated ad delivery” your campaign daily budget will probably be spent quickly early in the day. Standard delivery is more like a slow burning candle, your ads are distributed more evenly throughout the day.

If you use manual bidding, a “standard delivery” is the default option. Note that the mode “Accelerated delivery” can not be used in combination with automatic bidding.

Determine the recommended budget for your campaign

AdWords indicates the recommended budget for campaigns that reach repeatedly their daily budget. You can use these recommendations to estimate how a new budget can improve the visibility of your campaign. They are based on a detailed analysis of your campaign performance over the last 15 days, in addition to other factors listed below:

  • Recent campaign performance
  • Current campaign budget
  • List of keywords
  • Campaign Parameters & targeting

If you rarely exhaust your daily budget or if your campaign have little data, AdWords does not offer suggestions in terms of recommended budgets. If no recommended budget is displayed, and if you are aware that your ads are limited by your budget, you can consider increasing the amount of budget according to your possibilities.

How to determine the recommended budget for your campaign?

  1. Click in the tab settings of the campaign.
  2. Next to “Budget,” click Edit .
  3. Click View Recommended Budget.
  4. Examine the new recommended daily budget, if any, including any advice about the potential traffic. Once you set the amount for your new budget, enter.
  5. Click Save.

How are budget recommendations calculated?

Budget recommendations are based on keywords and determined by the total number of times your ad could appear if your budget was unlimited. In other words, AdWords looks at the number of times your ad has not been shown due to the limitations of your budget.

AdWords then compares this potential number of impressions to the number of times users click on your ads (your clickthrough rate or CTR) and the actual cost of your clicks (actual cost per click or CPC).


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