There are many ways to source new keywords to use in your AdWords campaigns. The keyword tool and the search terms report are both very useful to find new relevant keywords for your business.

To find and select new keywords, use the Keyword Tool.

The Keyword Tool can help you to find keyword ideas. It also tells you how often people use these keywords in searches.


If you type the phrase tennis shoe in the Keyword Tool, it can suggest sport tennis or black tennis as other potential keywords.

Improve your CTR through negative keywords.

In some cases, you will want to ensure that your ad will not be shown when the keywords are not related to your product or service. Try to add negative keywords to reduce costs and ensure that your ad is shown only for specific search terms.



Imagine that you are promoting an online dvd store that sells new dvds. If you do not want your ad to show for searches on used dvds, you can add the negative keywords used and second hand. Thus, when a user will search on these keywords, your ad will not show.

Improve further your list of keywords using the report “Search Terms”.

The report “Search Terms” indicates what users are looking for when they are seeing your ad. So you can rely on this information in order to exclude poorly performing keywords, or add others relevant keywords. The report “Search Terms” also allows you to identify negative keywords.

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