The unique size of a mobile screen allows you to create a completely new engagement experience. The mobile screen is not a desktop, so it follows that you should not try to  squeeze your desktop layout onto your mobile site. Use the recommendations below to help build a mobile property that will truly delight your users.




Using Google Analytics for Mobile Optimisation

Google Analytics can help with mobile optimisation even before you have a mobile site. You can use Analytics information to prioritise the content you choose to display on the mobile-friendly version of the site, or to cater the experience to the mobile devices most commonly used by your client’s customers.

Mobile Overview Report

See how many of the visitors reaching your site are doing so from a mobile device. Once you begin to see traffic levels around 5% or more coming from small screen mobile devices, it is worth building a mobile website. The number of users accessing your site from mobile devices can be seen on the site usage tab of the Mobile Overview Report.
For a better understanding of how mobile device users are accessing and interacting with your website, use the ‘Mobile Traffic’ advanced segment. Compare this traffic to ‘All Visitors’ and you’ll see how mobile users differ from desktop users, or alternatively, use ‘Mobile Traffic’ alone to see just the journeys of mobile users.

Mobile Devices Report

Segment visitor statistics by mobile device, brand, service provider, input selector (e.g., touchscreen, joystick, stylus), operating system, and other dimensions like screen resolution (all on the Explorer tab), and by the locations from which visits originate
(the Map Overlay tab). Understanding user devices will help you to optimise your site to their mobile screen.

Conversions by Platform

Comparing conversions by platform and location (Map Overlay tab) lets you understand your current revenue streams, and helps to assess opportunities for growth. For example, you might get the majority of your revenue from an expected region like the United
States or United Kingdom, but when you look at overall conversion rates, you might see superior performance in an unexpected region like Brazil or China. If you’re reaching saturation in one market but seeing signs of rapid growth in another, you can shift emphasis to those new markets (e.g., deploy new mobile servers in those regions, reallocate creative services to create ads and marketing materials for those areas, create new mobile applications aimed at those markets).

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