SEO Training Courses

AdCom delivers a SEO Course to CEOs, Marketing teams, Digital Teams and SEO managers. Our SEO course is based on real experience, tailored to the audience's profile and needs, and mostly, it is a hands-on training.

SEO Training Course

AdCom creates and delivers SEO training courses completely adapted to the needs and to the audience profile of the trainees.

This training course covers the SEO process from keyword research, to on-page optimisation, link building and SEO reporting.

The aim of the SEO course is to teach companies how to develop high quality SEO and to give tools that allow anyone to work towards a better position in the search engines.


Our training is extremely hands-on and it’s based on real experience and examples of SEO issues and techniques.

In the end of the training, the trainees will completely understand SEO process and why optimising websites for the search engines is such an important competitive advantage.

The training is delivered by an ex-Googler which lends to the session an insider’s view on how Google works and on what is really important for a website to be well ranked on Google.

Who is this course aimed at?

The SEO Training Course is aimed at:

  • CEOs and top level management:

    • Identify the best way to take advantage of SEO and the competitive advantage of using this online channel
    • Which and how many resources need to be allocated to get good results using SEO
    • How does SEO work and why should a company invest in it?
    • Which metrics should be tracked and monitored to evaluate SEO success?
  • Marketing Manager and Marketing Teams

    • How to create, manage and optimise SEO campaigns
    • How to work with SEO in a day to day basis
    • Which metrics are essential to success?
    • How to manage the full SEO process from keyword research to web analytics tracking and landing page optimisation
    • How to report on SEO performance to upper management
  • IT Personnel

    • How to work with SEO and Web Analytics from a technical point of view?
    • How to work and collaborate with the SEO management team/person?

Features of Your SEO Training

  • Complete understanding of the SEO process from start to finish
  • Very strong practical component
  • Based on real examples and benchmarking
  • Clear understanding of the best practices that need to be followed and implemented
  • Learn how to create, manage and optimise SEO projects
  • List of tasks and work that needs to be done on a daily basis on a SEO project
  • Delivered by an ex-Googler with an insider’s view on Google
  • Learn all the elements of the SEO universe: keywords research, link buiding, on-page optimisation, web analytics, website and landing page optimisation, etc
  • Understand all the SEO techniques and tools.
  • Ask all the questions you want

SEO Course Contents

The SEO training course’s content is completely adapted to the audience’s and company’s needs and to the attendees SEO knowledge level.


Example of the content of a standard  SEO course (click on the contents to see more details):


1. Getting Started on an SEO Program

  • Understanding how search engines work What is SEO?

2. Keyword Phrases: The Cornerstone of an SEO Program

  • Introducing keyword phrases
  • The keyword research process
  • Performing keyword research
  • Winnowing out ineffective keyword phrases
  • Performing additional keyword research
  • Determining competitiveness of keyword phrases
  • Finding keyword gems
  • 3. Creating a Search-Friendly Site Architecture

  • What site architecture means to SEO
  • Brainstorming main categories and subcategories for the web site
  • Creating a keyword phrase-to-page map
  • Using keywords in domain names and URLs
  • 4. SEO in HTML Tags

  • SEO in HTML tags
  • Title tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Header tags
  • Anchor text
  • Alt tags
  • Writing effective title tags
  • Writing meta-description tags
  • 5. Writing Effective Web Site Content

  • What good content is and why it’s needed
  • The different types of content pages
  • Using keywords in existing content
  • Writing new content for users and search engines
  • 6. Link Popularity and PageRank

  • Understanding link popularity and why it’s important
  • Introducing Google’s PageRank
  • Knowing the best way to get links
  • Content creation and promotion as “link bait”
  • Real-world link bait ideas
  • 7. Social Media Marketing and How It Works with SEO

  • Introducing social media marketing
  • Getting started with social media marketing
  • Participating in social media communities
  • 8. Measuring Your Success

  • Why rankings are a poor measure of success
  • Determining conversions and setting up goals in Google Analytics
  • Measuring search engine traffic
  • Measuring success beyond the search engines
  • 9. Overall SEO Strategy

  • Reviewing top techniques for SEO success

  • How does the SEO Course work?

    • Definition of Training’s goals by the client
    • Creation of the Contents by AdCom
    • Validation of the training’s agenda by the client
    • Delivery of the training
    • Follow-up post training

     Where does the training take place?

    • Client’s Office

      • Our team goes to the client’s office and deliver the training on-site (no extra cost)
    • AdCom’s Office

      • Our team delivers the training in AdCom’s office
      • Lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments are included in the price of the training

    How long is the training?

    The duration of the training can be adapted to the client’s needs

    The normal training lasts one day – from 10am to 5pm.

    SEO Course Price

    SEO Training Course

    £/€350 per personAll Included

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