Digital Marketing Courses

AdCom delivers a complete Digital Marketing course. It covers everything you need to know about Online Marketing: PPC, SEO, Social, Affiliation, Email Marketing, Web Analytics and Website optimisation.

Digital Marketing Training Course

AdCom designs and delivers Digital Marketing Courses tailored to each client profile and needs.

Our courses are based on our experience of working on the Digital Marketing of hundreds of different companies over the years. The courses are custom built and have a very strong practical component.


We cover all Digital Marketing tools on our training: PPC (AdWords, AdCentre, etc), SEO (Google, Bing and Yahoo), Social (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc), Email Marketing, Affiliation, Web Analytics and Website optimisation.

AdCom’s training gives you a complete view on the Digital Marketing world, allowing you to  design and implement a successful Online Marketing strategy.

Who is this course aimed at?

The Digital Marketing 360º Training Courses are aimed at:

  • CEOs and top level management:

    • Identify the best way to take advantage of Digital Marketing and the competitive advantage of using an completely integrated strategy
    • Which and how many resources need to be allocated to get good results using Digital Marketing
    • How does all the Digital Marketing options work and why should a company invest in them?
    • Which metrics should be tracked and monitored to evaluate Digital Marketing success?
  • Marketing Manager and Marketing Teams

    • How to create, manage and optimise Digital Marketing Strategies
    • How to work with Digital Marketing on a day to day basis
    • Which metrics are essential to success?
    • How to manage the full Digital Marketing process from PPC to Affiliation to Website Optimisation
    • How to report on the Digital Marketing’s performance to upper management
  • IT Personnel

    • How to work with all the Digital Marketing tools from a technical point of view?
    • How to work and collaborate with the Digital Marketing team/person?

Features of the Digital Marketing 360º training course

  • Complete understanding of the Digital Marketing process from start to finish
  • Very strong practical component
  • Based on real examples and benchmarking
  • Clear understanding of the best practices that need to be followed and implemented
  • Learn how to create, manage and optimise Digital Marketing strategies
  • Delivered by an ex-Googler with an insider’s view on Google.
  • Learn all the elements of the Digital Marketing 360º universe: PPC, SEO, Social, Email Marketing, Affiliation, Web Analytics and Website Optimisation.
  • Understand all the Digital Marketing features, tools and betas.
  • Ask all the questions you’d like

Digital Marketing 360º Course Contents

The Digital Marketing 360º training course’s content is completely adapted to the audience’s and company’s needs and to the attendees Digital Marketing level.

We can customise the training to cover the digital marketing areas that the client has more interest in, for example, a mix of PPC, SEO and Affiliation, etc.

Example of the content of a standard Digital Marketing course (click on the contents to see more details):


  • AdWords
  • Microsoft AdCentre
  • Yahoo Advertising
  • Yandex
  • Baidu


  • Google Search Engine Optimisation
  • Bing Search Engine Optimisation
  • Yahoo Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Networks

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Orkut
  • Email Marketing

  • How to do Email Marketing
  • Email Marketing Tools
  • MailChimp
  • Affiliate Programs

  • Affiliate Networks
  • How does Affiliate Programs work?
  • Affiliation Programs Platforms
  • Web Analytics

  • Google Analytics
  • WebTrends
  • Omniture
  • Website Optimisation

  • How to Optimise a website?
  • Website Optimisation Techniques
  • Website Optimisation Tools

    How does the Digital Marketing 360º Course work?

    • Definition of Training’s goals by the client
    • Creation of the Contents by AdCom
    • Validation of the training’s agenda by the client
    • Delivery of the training
    • Follow-up post training

    Where does the training take place?

    • Client’s Office
      • Our team goes to the client’s office and deliver the training on-site (no extra cost)
    • AdCom’s Office
      • Our team delivers the training in AdCom’s office
      • Lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments are included in the price of the training

    How long is the training?

    The duration of the training can be adapted to the client’s needs

    The normal training lasts one day – from 10am to 5pm.

     Digital Marketing 360º Course Price

    AdWords Training Course

    £/€400 per personAll Included

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