AdCom delivers an AdWords Course to CEOs, Marketing teams, Digital Teams and AdWords managers. Our AdWords course is based on real experience, tailored to the audience's profile and needs, and mostly, it is a hands-on training.

AdWords Training Course

AdCom designs and delivers AdWords Training Courses tailored to the client’s profile and needs.

Our courses are based on our experience of working with hundreds of different AdWords customers over the years. The courses are custom built and have a very strong practical component.


We enrich the course as well, with real examples of situations, challenges and problems that we had to face over the last few years. We share best practices so that the audience really understands the best way to create, manage and optimise AdWords campaigns.

Who is this course aimed at?

The AdWords Training Courses are aimed at:

  • CEOs and top level management:

    • Identify the best way to take advantage of AdWords and the competitive advantage of using this online channel
    • Which and how many resources need to be allocated to get good results using AdWords
    • How does AdWords work and why should a company invest in it?
    • Which metrics should be tracked and monitored to evaluate AdWords success?
  • Marketing Manager and Marketing Teams

    • How to create, manage and optimise AdWords campaigns
    • How to work with AdWords in a daily basis
    • Which metrics are essential to success?
    • How to manage the full AdWords process from keyword research to web analytics tracking and landing page optimisation
    • How to report on AdWords performance to upper management
  • IT Personnel

    • Which codes need to implemented and where?
    • How to work with AdWords and Web Analytics from a technical point of view?
    • How to work and collaborate with the AdWords management team/person?

Features of Your AdWords Training

  • Complete understanding of the AdWords process from start to finish
  • Very strong practical component
  • Based on real examples and benchmarking
  • Clear understanding of the best practices that need to be followed and implemented
  • Learn how to create, manage and optimise AdWords campaigns
  • List of tasks and work that needs to be done on a daily basis on an AdWords account
  • Delivered by an ex-Googler with an insider’s view on Google and AdWords
  • Learn all the elements of the AdWords universe: keywords and placement research, market data, campaign creation and optimisation best practices, web analytics, website and landing page optimisation, etc
  • Understand all the AdWords features, tools and betas.
  • Ask all the questions you’d like

AdWords Course Contents

The AdWords training course’s content is completely adapted to the audience’s and company’s needs and to the attendees AdWords level.


Example of the content of a standard  AdWords course (click on the contents to see more details):


1. Getting to Know AdWords

  • Dissecting online advertising
  • Understanding pay-per-click advertising
  • Valuing the benefits of AdWords
  • Defining supported ad types Learning terms and definitions
  • Knowing advertiser requirements

2. Getting Started

  • Exploring where ads show up
  • Understanding the structure
  • Creating an account
  • Choosing between billing options
  • 3. Navigating the AdWords Interface

  • Learning the interface
  • Exploring the My Account tab
  • Understanding the updates to the Billing tab
  • 4. Starting Your First Campaign

  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups in your account
  • Exploring the Campaigns tab
  • Creating a campaign using the default options
  • 5. Customizing Your Campaign Settings

  • Targeting by location and language
  • Targeting different networks and devices
  • Understanding bidding options and setting a budget
  • Setting your delivery method
  • Adding your business location
  • Showing products from your Google Merchant Center
  • Adding extension features to your text ads
  • Setting dates and scheduling ads
  • Defining ad delivery options
  • Using demographic bidding
  • 6. Creating Your First Ad Group

  • Structuring ad groups in your campaign
  • Creating text ads
  • Creating image ads and using the display ad builder
  • Understanding and creating mobile ads
  • Adding keywords Bidding at the keyword and ad group levels
  • 7. Optimizing Your Ads

  • Learning rules and guidelines for great ads
  • Learning rules for image ads
  • Writing great ads
  • Using dynamic keyword insertion (DKI)
  • 8. Researching Keywords

  • Valuing keyword research
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Including negative keywords
  • Evaluating a keyword Using the Keyword tool
  • Creating ad groups from keyword research
  • 9. Understanding the Auction and Quality Score

  • Understanding how the auction works
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Identifying Quality Score issues
  • Addressing Quality Score issues
  • 10. Using the Google Display Network

  • Learning about the Google Display Network (GDN)
  • Evaluating your performance on the GDN
  • Creating a placement-targeted campaign
  • Understanding CPM bidding
  • Using the Site and Category Exclusion feature
  • Remarketing with audiences
  • 11. Tracking Ad Performance

  • Understanding conversion types
  • Understanding Conversion Tracking
  • Installing Conversion Tracking code
  • Learning the basics of AdWords reports
  • Integrating Google Analytics with AdWords
  • Importing Google Analytics goals
  • 12. Understanding Landing Pages

  • Understanding how landing pages affect Quality Score
  • Testing landing pages with Website Optimizer
  • 13. Optimizing for Traffic

  • Understanding reach and market share
  • Using the Traffic Estimator
  • Widening the net with keywords
  • Getting more clicks with bids
  • 14. Optimizing for Conversions

  • Defining your goals and measuring ROI
  • Understanding conversion metrics and using the Conversion Optimizer
  • 15. Working Offline with AdWords Editor

  • Understanding AdWords Editor Using AdWords Editor
  • 16. AdWords Troubleshooting

  • Using the Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool Diagnosing keyword problems

  • How does the AdWords Course work?

    • Definition of Training’s goals by the client
    • Creation of the Contents by AdCom
    • Validation of the training’s agenda by the client
    • Delivery of the training
    • Follow-up post training

    Where does the training take place?

    • Client’s Office
      • Our team goes to the client’s office and deliver the training on-site (no extra cost)
    • AdCom’s Office
      • Our team delivers the training in AdCom’s office
      • Lunch, tea, coffee and refreshments are included in the price of the training

    How long is the training?

    The duration of the training can be adapted to the client’s needs

    The normal training lasts one day – from 10am to 5pm.

    Trainer and our experience

    Pedro delivers the AdWords training at AdCom. He has a vast experience in teaching AdWords and he was responsible for delivering training at Google to outsourcing Google partners and clients.

    AdWords Course Price

    AdWords Training Course

    £/€350 per personAll Included

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