If you’ve never created display ads based on the use of images, or if you want to improve the performance of your display ads, here are some helpful tips:

  • Effectively use text, images and color combinations.
  • Test different types of display ads and different presentations of content.
  • Take advantage of available models in the display ad builder tool.
  • Create your own custom images.
  • Generate image ads from your existing text ads.


Create good images and graphics

The options available for display ads are numerous. Therefore, please take the time to test different models, colors and content to get the best possible results. You might want your ad to stand out!

What is the effectiveness of a display ad? Take the time to read our tips below, along with some examples that can help you succeed with your display ads.


Choose appropriate colors

Make sure you’ve customized the color of your ad, for example the background. First try to match the color scheme of the banner with the content of your page. Choose colors carefully. Very bright colors can be unpleasant or difficult to read.

Think carefully: If you use the same color for the foreground and background of your ad, nobody will be able to see the content of your ad. You must use contrasting colors while showing good balance: nobody wants a fluorescent text on a bright background!


Consider the color combinations that you target sites

If you decide to target a specific site with your ads, it is of your best interest to adapt their color combination, so that it matches the color of the pages of the site. If one of your ads seems out of place on a page or is not very attractive, users are less likely to click on it. It is more important to match the colors of your banners to the site on which it they will be shown.


Use a call to action button

This advice is especially important for image ads. Users may not know what part of the ad they should click. In some cases, if your ad fits perfectly into the site, they may not even notice it’s an ad! Do not make them guess.

Customers also want to know what to expect when they click on your ad: “Learn More” or “Buy now”.


Make sure the final frame of an animation contains the key message and call to action

If the text does not clearly conveys your message and does not tell users what they should do, they will be less likely to click on the ad.


Balanced Ad Content

Be sure to balance the text and images of your ad compared to the overall size of the banner. Check your ad in each of the formats and resize the images as necessary. For best results, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

  • Images must be sharp, adapted to the shape of the banner and easy to recognize. They must not be cropped or blurred.
  • The full text should be easy to read and understand. Lines of text should be complete and intelligible.

Get ideas for your ads using the tool Ad Builder


Looking for inspiration to create your ad? Let the models in the display ads tool spark your imagination. Create ads from an existing collection of templates

Take a look at AdWords gallery of rich media ads.


Tell your customers what you can do

You offer free delivery? You have great choice of products? Let us know! Highlight your specific strengths or areas where your business stands out from its competitors.


Include a call to action in every frame of your Flash ads

Give users the option at any time to be able to click on your banner to go to your site without having to wait for the final banner frame.


Create a striking logo for your company or brand

How does your company or brand differs from your competitors? Unleash your imagination to compose a logo that reflects the uniqueness of your business.


Displaying rates and promotions

If you offer something exclusive, make sure your customers know it. Give them so all the elements they need.

Use words and phrases such as dealcoupondiscountpromotional code and good deal to attract the interest of users to your offers.


Create a sense of urgency

Display limited time offers. For example, use phrases like do not waste timethis offer is valid until … , limited time offerspecial rates for early bookings and offer for first time buyers xx .


Use colors that harmonize with your images

What message do you want your ad to convey? Be sure to use color combinations that highlight different aspects of your product. Is your appearance reliable, courteous and friendly? Choose images to reinforce your message.


Find the right balance between text and images

Chose colorful and attractive images for your ad. Accompany them with a clear and concise text.


Choose a relevant landing page

Look at the page of your website that your banners point to. Include a clear call to action in your ad to lead the users to this page. For example, if your ad text includes incentives such as “Call Us”, be sure to include your phone number on the landing page. Or if it has an incentive like  “limited time offer”, make sure that the landing page displays the promotional offer.


Try several banner sizes

Create 7 or 8 ads in each of your ad groups to test different texts and images. This way, you can analyze which ad gets better results. AdWords can publish them automatically and isolate the best performing banner. This eliminates the guesswork. And you build upon what you have learned from your tests.


Make sure you make banners for mobile

Create banners for all types of mobile devices, including smartphones and multi-function phones.

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