How do I know if an ad is effective? Here are three questions to ask before creating an ad. We will provide you with many examples and responses using a fictitious company.

Question 1: What do I propose?

List the products and services you want to promote.




Question 2: What am I trying to accomplish?

Tip: Keep it simple. You can create as many ads as you want, but try to limit yourself to one offer per ad.

Identify your main advertising objectives: What are you doing now and what will you be doing in the long term?




Tip: Be specific. More specific your goals are, the more you will be able to know if your ads have helped you to achieve them.

Question 3: Who are my customers?

Describe your customers. Divide them into categories if there are several users with unique needs and goals.



Focus on your target audience. A large number of users browse the Web, but they are not all interested in your offer. Identify specific types of customers who might be interested in what you offer.


Here are some examples of ads for your AdWords Agency. As you can see, different ads were created for different types of customers:



How to know if your ad is effective? Take the time to evaluate its performance.
 One last question …



Tips: Be objective. Creating effective ads is a question of learning and testing. Even if you love your ads, you must consider and be prepared to change them. This is one of the keys to success

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