To show your ads in mobile applications, you can expand your campaign to mobile phone users. Let AdWords choose suitable mobile placements for your ads via the Display Network or target specific categories of applications.

With your campaigns eligible to show ads on the Search Network with Selective Display or Display Network, you can show your ads in mobile applications.

  • If you want to test advertising in mobile apps, just to track the performance of your ads in mobile apps via the Display Network.
  • If you want to target a certain type of application that you know, you must create a campaign targeted to the the Display Network and to mobile applications.
  • If you do not want your ad to appear in applications, you can easily exclude applications for your mobile placement targeting. Simply paste “” under “Placement Exclusions” in the Display Network tab of your AdWords account.

Target applications on the Display Network

Select to show ads on the Display Network

Campaigns targeting the Display Network and the Search Network with Selective Display are automatically eligible to be shown in applications for mobile, if you have selected “All Features” (enabled by default) when creating a campaign.

Ads placed in mobile applications are particularly effective in generating clicks and conversions on websites.

Check your ad placements

If the ads in applications perform well, you can, if you wish, target applications through a campaign for mobile. To see which mobile aps are showing your ads, go to the section Placements on the Display Network tab. All apps which show the ads are listed here, as well as all the websites where your ads were displayed.

Target applications or specific categories of apps on the Display Network

Create a Display Network campaign targeting mobile apps

  1. In your account, select + Campaign , then choose Display Network only .
  2. In the list on the right, choose Applications for mobile .
  3. In the “Devices” section, you can, if you wish, target operating systems, device models and specific operators.
  4. Enter geographies and languages ​​you want to target, and set your budget.
  5. Click Save and continue .

Place your ads in selected applications

For your ads  to show n mobile apps, you must choose at least one “placement.

  1. Enter a name for your first ad group, and then set a default bid.
  2. In Section mobile apps, choose the applications in which you want your ads to show
    • If you want your ads to appear in all available applications (on the Apple App Store, the Windows Phone Store and Google Play), click the plus sign on the right of “All Applications” under “Apps Categories for mobile. “
    • To target certain categories, expand the different platforms listed under “Apps Categories” using the sign  + , then select the desired categories by clicking on the plus sign  next to each of them.
    • To choose specific applications, click Search application and enter their names in the search field. Then click the plus sign next to each application in which you want your ad to show.

3. To target ads based on age, gender, interests or historical visits on websites, expand the section “more targeting options” Be aware that if you select these options, your ad will appear less often (in other words, the number of impressions your ad will be reduced).

4. Click Save and continue .

Choose the best format for your ad for mobile applications

Click on “Create Ad”.

Select a text ad, image “for digital content / application”.

  • If you want to accrue clicks on your mobile website, text and image ads are ideal.
  • If you want to accrue downloads, create an ad for digital / application content. 

Text Ads

Text ads have the same limits on the number of characters allowed in mobile apps than other AdWords campaigns.

Image ads

Image ads can be shown in mobile applications as banners or interstitial ads. When they click on your image ads, mobile users are redirected to your mobile website or application. Interstitial ads are displayed full screen.

The sizes of banners for mobile phones and tablets are: 320 x 50, 468 x 60, 728 x 90 and 300 x 250.

Track the performance of your ads for mobile apps

To see which applications showing your ads, go to the section Placements on the Display Network tab. You will find there categories and applications where your ads have been shown

To view the performance of applications according to their category, check the box next to the category name, then use the drop down menu See list of URLs on top of the table.


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