SEO Reports

Measurement is vital for success. Measure and then improve is one of the keys behind high quality SEO. AdCom tracks rankings, referrals, links, traffic, etc. Everything important on the road to success.

SEO Reporting Service

The SEO Reporting is done weekly or bi-weekly and it consists on checking SEO performance against objectives defined in the beginning of the SEO project.

The SEO Reporting service is a part of the SEO service that AdCom provides and it aims to keep clients updated on how their websites are performing in terms of Google’s search results.


The begging of the report highlights the objectives of the project. Typical project objectives can be to “increase sales” or “gain more newsletter sign ups” from keywords or to rank in the 5 first positions on the keyword “computers”.

AdCom’s SEO reporting is completely flexible and adaptable to the reporting needs of the clients. We can include any other data in the report that the client might find useful.

AdCom’s SEO Reports Methodology

  • Keyword Progress
  • Link Building Progress
  • PageRank Progress
  • Rankings Progress
  • Competition Rankings Progress
  • Impact On Traffic
  • Goal Completion / Sales

 How do the reports look like