SEO Rankings

Do you want to keep updated on how your website ranks on Google? AdCom keeps you posted on how your website is doing on the important keywords for your business. Every week!

SEO Ranking Tracking Service

The SEO Ranking tracking consists in checking in which position your website is showing on Google.

The Rankings Tracking service is a part of the SEO service that AdCom provides and it aims to keep clients updated on how their websites are performing in terms of Google’s search results.


But not everything is just centred around the text of a website’s pages. AdCom tracks universal search results along with the the pages search rankings.

Clients can see how well their universal and enhanced search results are helping them to improve their search engine presence and visibility.

 AdCom’s SEO ranking tracking methodology

  • Selection of the keywords to track
  • Weekly rankings tracking of the keywords
  • Tracking of their ranking evolution and weekly variation
  • Tracking of competitors rankings and their variation on common keywords

 Universal ranking tracking (besides only pages)

A website is ranked on Google not just on text on the website pages. Here is the full list of things we can track for you (besides text elements and keywords):


  •  Image Results



  • Sitelinks











  • Video Results