SEO On-page Optimisation

Well optimised pages are easily scanned and indexed by Google. At AdCom, we analyse and optimise every and each page element from a SEO perspective. Overlook nothing, optimise everything!

SEO On-Page Optimisation Service

The On-Page optimisation consists in checking thoroughly if the pages are optimised for SEO.

The SEO On-Page optimisation service is a part of the SEO service that AdCom provides and it aims to make the website’s pages search engine and user friendly.


We take a look at the HTML, usability and design to make sure that your website is SEO friendly and that it provides with the best experience for your users.

Also, we analyse titles, meta tags, texts, keywords, etc. This will help you to achieve better rankings in the search engines.

 AdCom’s On-Page Optimisation Methodology:

  •  AdCom check the pages of your websites to determine their SEO quality
  • AdCom tells you the level of optimization and keyword targeting an individual page has achieved.
  • We base our evaluation on ranking models and correlation research we’ve done to see what appears in pages that rank well in search engines.
  • We also include recommendations to help you improve your grade.

What Page Elements does AdCom optimises?

  • HTML Head Tags
  • URL
  • Body Tags
  • Internal Links & Location in Site Architecture
  • Page Architecture