SEO Keywords Analysis

Being Ranked Against the right keywords means targeting the right potential customers! AdCom performs a continuous and in-depth keyword research, helping our customers to rank on what it really matters

SEO Keyword Research and Analysis

Keywords are the corner stone of SEO. Targeting the right keywords really helps to get good results.

The SEO Keyword Research and Analysis is part of the SEO service AdCom provides and it aims to find all relevant keywords, capable of bringing business to our customers.


We analyse all the keywords relevant to your website and business to make sure we maximise your online presence. We aim for keywords that have:

  • Strong relevance to your site: terms for which you have content to support
  • Relatively high search volume: terms people are actually looking for
  • Relatively low competition: terms with a small number of search results

AdCom’s Keyword Research Methodology

  • Analysis of the client’s business and website
  • Evaluation of the relation between keywords and landing pages
  • Sourcing of a complete relevant keyword list from several keyword tools
  • Analysis of the keyword search volume
  • Analysis of how difficult it is to rank in the first positions on Google
  • Creation of plan with necessary actions to rank well on selected keywords
  • Alignment between the keywords and the landing page: to make sure that the page is properly optimised for specific keywords