International SEO – Brazil

The Brazilian market is booming. 80 million Internet users actively searching for products and services. AdCom offer high quality SEO specifically for websites in Portuguese and targeting the Brazilian market.

SEO Management Service – Brazilian Market

Brazil is becoming one of the biggest economies in the world. As the country develops, the buying power of the population is increasing and this represents an important business opportunity.

We offer a complete SEO Management service for the Brazilian Market. We’ll analyse your rankings and website, research keywords, develop link building and Website SEO Optimisation specifically for this market.



We have a vast experience in the Brazilian market, having managed dozen of Brazilian clients like MercadoLivre,, TAM.

Also, we’ve supported the expansion of European and American advertisers to Brazil with results that exceeded the expectations.

AdCom’s SEO Brazilian Market Methodology


  • Link Building in Portuguese:

    The aim is to create a high quality, rich and varied banklinks network so that our clients can get visits from other websites and at the same time, to get a better position on Google’s rankings.

  • On-Page Optimisation:

    Having perfectly SEO optimised pages is essential for Google SEO success and to provide a good user experience to visitors. We make sure that our clients pages are 100% Google and user friendly.

  • Keyword Research:

    Keywords are the corner stone of SEO. We perform a continuous and dedicated research to find the best keywords for our customers. We work intensively on setting up the best keyword strategy for our clients.

  • SEO Web Crawler:

    We test our clients’ website in terms of SEO problems and areas of improvement. No errors, just good pages and good rankings.

  • SEO Reports:

    Reporting and tracking allows you to understand how your SEO project is performing. We send weekly, biweekly or monthly reports of your SEO activity