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AdCom does High Quality SEO based on an Ex-Googler's Experience and Knowledge

Google SEO Service

Ranking well on Google can be decisive for your business. The Google SEO service is aimed at companies that have great content, products, services and websites and that would like to rank on the first page on Google on keywords related to their business.

Being well ranked on Google requires lots of research and ongoing work. There are over 200 rankings factors are used by Google to rank websites on the search results.



AdCom provides a high quality SEO service that focuses on the clients’ needs and objectives. We have a Google insider’s view and we know very well all the ranking factors employed by Google.

AdCom’s SEO objective is to make clients’ business, products, services and websites visible and accessible to online users on Google.

 google seoSEO based on the Clients’ Objectives

  • Increase in Sales
  • Branding
  • Lead Generation

 google seoAdCom’s SEO Methodology


  • Link Building:

    The aim is to create a high quality, rich and varied banklinks network so that our clients can get visits from other websites and at the same time, to get a better position on Google.

  • On-Page Optimisation:

    Having SEO optimised pages is essential for Google SEO success and to provide a good user experience to visitors. We make sure that our clients pages are 100% Google and user friendly.

  • Keyword Research:

    Keywords are the corner stone of SEO. We perform a continuous and dedicated research to find the best keywords for our customers to rank against. We work intensively on setting up the best keyword strategy for our clients.

  • SEO Web Crawler:

    We test our clients’ website in terms of SEO problems and areas of improvement. No errors, just good pages with good rankings.

  • SEO Reports:

    Reporting and tracking allows you to understand how your SEO project is performing. We send weekly, biweekly or monthly reports of your SEO activity

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