It’s possible to remarketing users that visited your videos and your brand channel. This strategy is also known as “video remarketing”. By strengthening your message to users who have watched your video or channel, you’re more likely to increase your return on investment.

AdWords for video allows you to generate lists of video remarketing and collect users who have completed:

  • An interaction with your videos on YouTube
  • Subscribed to your channel
  • Viewed your TrueView Instream ads

You can use these lists to define the targeting of your new remarketing campaigns. You can manage them at any time from the “Targets” tab in AdWords for video.

youtube remarekting

Benefits of video remarketing

  • Improved ROI: advertisers using the remarketing on YouTube improved their return on investment (ROI) by targeting customers interested in their products or services.
  • Scope: your YouTube video campaign can quickly be viewed millions of times. You can reach potential clients, which take part in your remarketing list, faster than other remarketing methods.
  • Economic pricing: the AdWords auction model offers competitive prices enabling you to reach your ROI. With TrueView AdWords for video and video ads, you pay only when someone views your ad (cost per view).
  • Flexibility: remarketing (also called retargeting) is usually based on users visits on the website of an advertiser. With AdWords for video and YouTube, you can set up a transactions based remarketing campaign with your YouTube videos, including when users click “Like” or “I do not like”, comment or share your videos.

Key features of video remarketing

Exploit the potential of remarketing lists video using the following features:

  • Targeting: retarget your potential customers with specific categories, such as themes, interests, keywords, geographical areas, etc..
  • Ad Formats: target your remarketing campaign through TrueView video ad family and other ad formats (text, images and rich media ads on the Google Display Network).
  • Detailed Reports: optimize your remarketing campaign based on performance statistics. For example, you can increase the bid on specific channels that generate the largest number of responses to the ad.
  • Easy to use: use AdWords for video to create, manage and easily target your remarketing lists.

Types of users that you can target through remarketing lists

To create remarketing lists, link your YouTube account to your AdWords account. Once these accounts are associated, you can create remarketing lists that target users based on the following:

  • Watched one of your videos
  • Interacted (clicks on “Like” or “I do not like”, comments or shares) with one of your videos
  • Watched your video as an ad TrueView Instream
  • Visited or subscribed to your YouTube channel

If you have multiple YouTube channels, you can also associate other YouTube accounts to your AdWords account.


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