Once your text ad is created, you will probably want to know how it will look in Google search results. Or maybe you simply want to have proof that it is being shown. For this you can use the ad preview tool and the Ads Diagnostic tool and make sure your ad is running.


If your ad was recently created or modified, keep in mind that Google needs to review and approve it before it is posted on the Search and Display Networks. To find out if your ad is under review, see the “Status” column in the tab ads in your account.


Check your ad without affecting performance

You’ll might want, but it is better not to search your own ad on Google. Here’s why:

  • When you perform searches that trigger your ad, you earn impressions not followed by a click, which may decrease your CTR and prevent your ad from appearing as often as it should.
  • You can even make the AdWords system to stop showing your ads, if you search for your ad repeatedly and never click on it. In fact, the Google AdWords system continually stop running ads that do not seem to be interesting to users.


Methods to check your ad

  • Option 1: Use the ad preview and the Ads Diagnostic tools
    Go to the ads diagnostic tool, there you can see if your ad is showing for a given search query. This simple method allows you to see the context in which your ad appears. The tool provides the same results that a search on Google, but that does not record your ad impressions. See http://www.google.com/AdPreview or click Preview and Ads Diagnostic tab in the Tools and Analyzes menu in the upper part of your AdWords account. After selecting the appropriate options in the top of the page, you can identify if you ad is being triggered when you run a search on certain keywords in a given geographical area.


If your ad targets a specific language or geographical area do not forget to specify this parameters when using the tool. For example, if you chose to target only Internet users located in London, you must enter London in the drop menu.


  • Option 2: Make sure that your ad is active
    Click the ads tab and see if a green circle is placed next to your ad. To activate an ad, click on this menu and select the green circle.
  • Option 3: see statistics for your account
    Find out if your ads are generating traffic. Sign in to your AdWords account, then click the tab Campaigns. Each tab contains statistics with detailed information about your clicks , impressions , clickthrough rate (CTR) , etc. You can use this information to confirm that your ads are running and getting traffic.


  • Option 4: Go to the “Keywords” tab.
    Make sure that your keywords trigger your ads. Click on the icon of a keyword in the “Status” column to see if it triggers your ad or not.


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