Once you are brining visitors to your website using AdWords, you must make sure that they will easily find the information or product they are looking for. Testing your pages’ content with Google Analytics allow you to test the effectiveness of different pages. You can check if your landing pages encourage your visitors to achieve a particular goal, such as buying a product. This allows you to increase your sales and make the most of every visit to your website.


What are content tests on Google Analytics?

Testing content using Google Analytics allow you to test different versions of your web pages to check whether these variants influence the behavior of users when they visit your site. You can then optimise your pages accordingly to achieve your online goals (increase the number of conversions, subscriptions to your newsletter, etc).

What you can do with content testing on Google Analytics

Testing content using Google Analytics allow you to:

  • compare the performance of your various Web pages with a random sample of your visitors;
  • choose the type of pages to be tested;
  • specify the proportion of traffic to your site that you want to include in the test.

How to use content test to improve your results: Example

Suppose your website is specialized in the sale of home cleaning services. You offer different levels of services: basic cleaning, depth or detailed cleaning. Using your AdWords account, you can serve ads to promote your most profitable service: in-depth cleaning. To increase your return on investment and profits, you want to encourage people to buy this type of service.

When users click on your AdWords ad for in-depth cleaning, they arrive at a landing page describing your three levels of service. This page, which is the destination URL of your ad is the first you want to test with Google Analytics. You decide to create multiple variations. The first has text in large red letters promoting your in-depth cleaning service. The second part describes all the benefits of in-depth cleaning. The third shows an icon next to the link to purchase your cleaning service.

Once you have completed the creation of new landing page versions and launched your test, a random sample of visitors redirected to the destination URL will arrive on one of your four pages (the original web page or one of its three variants). After a while, you will know what page offers the best conversion percentage (when people decide to buy your cleaning service).

Once you have identified the page that helps you to better achieve your goals, you can publish it on your website so that it appears to all your visitors.


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