Monitor the performance of video ads on YouTube and other sites in the Google Display Network, via tabs Ads, Videos and Targets of your AdWords account. Here are the statistics that are available:

  • Views, Audience, Branding and Website Tracking and Conversions
  • Quartiles (percentage of video playback)


When you create ads using AdWords for video, know that your video content has to be hosted on YouTube. In other words, the viewings of your video ads will be recorded as your video views on YouTube.

adwords for video

Tab “Ads”

The Ads Tab allows you to examine the performance of your ads in a given format (TrueView InDisplay, Instream, InSearch) and preview your ads.


The video ads cost are not on the page online campaigns. To see the cost associated with AdWords for video you must open the page All video campaigns from the tab Campaigns.

Tab “Videos”

The Tab Video also shows cumulative performance of your video ads. So you can see there if your video has been played t0 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Tab “Targets”

The Tab Targets also includes the performance of your video ads by targeting grorgetups. Select the segment ad in this tab to compare the performance of each ad for each group taing.

Differences between the statistics on views on YouTube and AdWords for video

AdWords is not able to guarantee that the number of views will be the same as the number of views indicated by the YouTube counter. Sometimes there are differences, but AdWords is ensuring that the cumulative figures are approximately the same.



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