When running a business, one of the main objectives is usually to increase sales and attract prospects. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish direct response campaigns encouraging users to perform a specific action (eg buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter).

Campaigns to increase sales and leads

  • Encourage users to make a purchase
  • Get  prospects by getting their details via a registration page

Where should you target your campaigns?

We recommend that you to target keywords on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network . Here’s why:

  • Google Search Network
    When you’re running a campaign on the Google Search Network, your ads appear on the pages of Google search results. You choose keywords related to your business, then set a bid. Your ad is then eligible to appear when a user searches for one of these keywords.
  • Search Partners
    AdWords offers you the opportunity to show your ads on Google’s search partners sites.  Your ads may appear next to the search results on these partner sites.
  • Google Display Network
    You can use the contextual targeting feature on the Google Display Network to target specific pages relevant to your advertising message. Contextual targeting allows us to establish a correspondence between your keywords and relevant Web pages. So AdWords distributes your message to users reading and browsing web content related to your product or service, and are therefore most likely to be interested in your offer.

Placement targeting, ad formats and bidding

  • Placement targeting
    Targeting placements allows you to select the “slots” (Web sites or sections of sites within the Google Display Network) where you want your ads to show. You can select sites based on different criteria such as topic or target audience, or choose any site that meets your requirements in terms of branding. For ideas, you can try Google’s Ad Planner.
  • Ad Formats
    It is recommended to use two ad formats: text ads and rich media ads (image and video, for example) that allow you to spread your message in a more visual way.
  • Bidding Strategy
    The main objective of a sales/leads campaign is to increase ROI through increasing conversions on your site. Therefore, we recommend that you use maximum cost per click (not CPM) for both contextual campaigns and for placement targeted campaigns.

How to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign?

To determine if your campaign is effective, several options are available to you. You can track your conversions by using a free AdWords tool: conversion tracking. Once you have configured this feature, you can monitor some important statistics such as the number of conversions, cost per conversion and conversion rate.


For your direct response campaign, consider the following recommendations:

  • Highlight a special offer that the user could benefit.
  • Provide the prospect with enough information for him to make his decision and give him a way to respond
  • Write a clear “call to action” indicating that the user must do once he’s on your site.
  • Make sure your website is accessible and easy to navigate, especially the pages describing your products.

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