One of the ultimate objectives of an AdWords brand campaign is to build awareness of your company (and its products or services), and to reinforce the brand’s positive image. A user can interact with your brand in different ways: by watching videos, browsing your website or communicating directly with you.

If you want to increase your brand awareness, know that the Google Display Network offers you the opportunity to reach your potential customers in the right place at the right time, on thousands of websites, applications and online videos. You can use the AdWords placement targeting tool to help you reach a relevant audience for your brand using rich media ad formats and CPM bidding.


Campaigns that focus on the interaction with the brand can help you to:

  • increase interaction with your brand;
  • multiply the positive image associated with your brand;
  • increase customer loyalty to your brand;
  • encourage users to interact with your products.

How to use placement targeting, ad rich media formats and CPM bidding?

  • Placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows you to select the “slots” (Web sites or sections of sites of the Google Display Network) where you want to run your campaign. You can select sites based on different criteria, such as theme or target audience, or choose any site that meets your requirements in terms of branding.

Use the Display Network Ad Planner tool to get ideas of locations to target. Simply provide information about your customers and the tool will generate a list of targeting ideas.

  • Ad Formats

Your main goal may be to interact with your target audience. In this case, we recommend using rich media ad formats. On the Google Display Network , you can reach your potential customers using text ads, but you can also try other like video formats, static images and Flash animations.

  • Bidding Strategy

If you want to maximize the exposure of your brand on relevant sites, CPM bidding is particularly suited to this type of campaign, because it gives you lots of exposure – just be careful and monitor closely the spend of the campaign


Use YouTube to increase brand awareness

If you created a video ad that you use on TV, you can consider to put it on YouTube. You can create a free YouTube channel and personalize your brand channel (background colors and logos, for example).


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