Your ads generate significant traffic to your website, but are your visitors not converting? You can use conversion tracking to assess the number of users who, for example, purchased items or signed up for a newsletter (in other words, performed “conversions”) after going to your site. You can then make various modifications to your AdWords campaigns to improve your conversion rate, including adding more specific keywords and excluding keywords.

Conversion Rate


Use conversion tracking to assess your performance

Before making major changes to your account, we recommend that you your ads performance. In AdWords, you can determine the number of impressions and clicks on your ads. But wouldn’t it be very interesting to know the number of conversions they generate? The solution is to use the conversion tracking .

Once you have set up conversion tracking, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. For example, if you edit a campaign, and then find out that your conversion rate increases, this means that the modification improves the performance of the campaign.

Use specific keywords to improve conversion rates

Once you are able to track your conversions, you can focus on improving conversion rates. Specific keywords will usually give a better conversion rate than general keywords.

Generally, specific keywords such as “printer 710c” achieve a better conversion rate than generic keywords like “printer”. In fact, people who are looking for a specific model or product code generally already researched the product and wish to make a purchase.

However, remember that using more specific keywords can generate a lower number of impressions. If your keywords are too specific, the number of users searching for these terms will be close to zero. The challenge is to find the right balance between keywords generic enough to match the search queries of users and specific enough to generate conversions.

Add negative keywords to improve the relevance of your traffic

To try to improve your conversion rate, you can also use negative keywords. This allows you to not show your ad when a user performs a search on these keywords. We recommend that you use negative keywords if you want to limit the exposure of your ad to audiences that you might think are not likely to buy your products.

Some advertisers use for example the term “free” as a keyword to exclude. You can do the same to filter people looking for free products, unless you offer free trials. Users who are looking for free products are generally less likely to make purchases.

Use the “Search Terms” report to reach relevant customers

AdWords allows you to assess the performance of your various keywords, but also to identify specifically the search terms that triggered your ad. This list of terms contained in the “Search Terms” report .

Examine it before adding some keywords to your keyword list or exclude the terms on that report that are not relevant.

Example: Suppose you sell video games on your website. By examining your “Search Terms” report, you find that your ad was triggered by the search term “video game magazine.” People looking for magazines do not necessarily want to buy video games in the immediate future. In this case, you can consider adding “magazine” as a keyword to exclude so that search term does not trigger your ad.

At the same time, you also find that your ad was triggered by the search term “video game figurines.” But it turns out that you also sell figurines of video games! In this case, you can consider adding “figurines video games” to your list of keywords, so that search term is more likely to trigger your ad.

Include price in your ad to attract potential buyers

To improve the relevant traffic to your site, you can include price in your ad text. If a user sees the price of your product and still clicks the ad, you can conclude that he is likely to buy the product at that price. If the price does not suit him, he does not click your ad, and you do not have to pay for that click.

To perform a test, you can add price to your ad text to see which of your ads record a better conversion rate. This method can be particularly effective when your prices are lower than your competitors!


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