In AdWords, the most effective ads will generally be those that users find most relevant. Think about how you search and browse the web, you have a tendency to ignore anything that does not interest you and you focus on that what is relevant to you. If today you want to eat chocolate chip cookies, you certainly you won’t pay any attention to an ad about computer cookies.

If you know what your customers want, you can ensure that your campaigns, keywords, ads and landing pages are relevant to them.


You will find below some tips to help you make your ads more relevant to your potential customers.

1. Create highly specific ad groups.

Make sure your ad groups have specific keywords and ads. More relevant are the ads, the better quality score. To be relevant, you must be precise.


If you sell different types of cookies, create a separate ad group for each of these cookie. You should for example create the ad groups “cookies for Christmas” and “wedding cookies” separating that way your different products.

2. Choose your keywords carefully.

Choose keywords that are directly related to the theme of your ad group and landing page. Keywords including two or three terms are generally more effective than keywords consisting of a single term.


If you are selling boxes of cookies, select the keywords “offer box of cookies” rather than just “offer”.

Try the planning tool keywords to get ideas for new keywords to add to your list.

3. Insert keywords in your ad text.

Place your keywords in the ad text (especially in the title) to show users that your ad is directly related to their search. When users see their search terms in the ad text, they conclude that your advertisement is probably what they want to click on.


If you want to sell a cookies gift boxes, and you use the keyword “offer box of cookies” the text of the ad must also contain “offer box of cookies”

4. Create clear and attractive ads.

What makes your product or service stand out from your competitors? Your ad should highlight what makes you apart. Delivery is free? Promotions? Be sure to describe any unique features or promotions you offer in your ad text.

5. Use a strong call-to-action.

The text of the ad must include a call-to-action. This call to action is to get users to click on your ad. It must make them understand what they can do once they reach your landing page. Here are some examples of calls to action: Buy, Sell, Order, Browse, Find, Sign, Try, Get a quote.

6. Test multiple ads.

Test different offers and incentives to determine the most effective for your advertising goals. The AdWords system will automatically distribute your ads alternating the variants available within an ad group, and display more often the best performing ad. You will find over time that some ads will perform better than others, allowing you to identify the more effective ad text.

7.  Review regularly the performance of your campaign.

Test and modify your campaigns to achieve the desired results. Examine the performance of your ads to find best ways to achieve your goals. Following their performance, will allow you to find variations in the CTR or conversion rate. If you find, for example, that people do not respond to a particular action present in the text of your ad, then you can delete it and try another.


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