To analyze user activity on your website, Google offers two features: Google Analytics goals and transactions. It’s possible to monitor these metrics integrate them with AdWords conversions. You can use both at the same time or only one of them.

Google Analytics Goals

  • Ideal if you are interested in all aspects of the flow of visitors on your site and not just conversions.
  • Can include conversions from sources other than AdWords, which allows effective monitoring of all traffic to your website.

AdWords Conversion Tracking

  • Ideal if you want only to track conversions.
  • Not possible to track conversions that other sources different from AdWords.


Benefits of importing Google Analytics goals

Importing your Google Analytics goals into AdWords Conversion Tracking allows you to:

  • access your Google Analytics conversions and data related to your AdWords clicks;
  • check conversion data in Google Analytics and in AdWords;
  • authorize the Conversion Optimizer tool to access data to optimize results, which can potentially result in an increase of conversions and cost reduction.


If you already use AdWords conversion tracking on a specific page, you may not need to import Google Analytics goals. Actually, in the case of having these two features activated, conversions could be counted twice.



To begin importing data, first perform the following operations:

  1. Link your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account
  2. Enable data sharing with other products in your Google Analytics account
  3. Enable auto-tagging in your AdWords account

Once these steps are done, follow the steps below to import your goals:

  1. After linking your accounts, you have to wait about an hour. Then log into your AdWords account, click on Tools and Analysis tab, then select “Conversions”. A message informs you that your goals are ready to be imported.
  2. Click Import from Google Analytics .
  3. Select the goal or objectives of your choice in the list.
  4. Select Import at the bottom of the page.

AdWords then starts importing data from your Google Analytics account taking as a starting point the moment when you click “Import from Google Analytics”. Previous history to that date will not be included.

To remember

You have to wait for two days before the data is available in AdWords. After this time, the conversion data imported will appear in your  “Conversions” column.


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