The opportunities tab is designed to help you identify ways to increase the effectiveness of a campaign. If ideas appear in this tab, it means that Google has identified automatically changes that you could make to your account. Keywords, bidding and budget ideas are offered to you in this tools, but other ideas can be added regularly as well.


The Tab “Opportunities”

The tab “Opportunities” centralizes optimization ideas for your account. If you want to increase your traffic and your sales volume, but do not know what type of changes you should undertake, then analyzing the tab “Opportunities” can be a good starting point.

In this tab, you can select a goal that reflects your intent in advertising, consider ideas that help you to achieve this goal, then apply your changes directly into your account. New Ideas are being added and updated regularly, please visit this tab from time to time to discover new ideas for your campaigns.


Ideas are generated automatically by the Google system, taking into account your current performance of your campaign settings, such as targeting and bidding settings, as well as Google search volumes and trends. Estimates of impressions and clicks are displayed to help you assess the potential impact of the proposed ideas. Google can not actually guarantee their effectiveness. That is why Google advises you not to take these ideas for granted, but to use them as a starting point when you think about changes to make to your campaigns.



For the moment, Google offer ideas for your keywords, your bids and budget:

    • Keyword ideas may help you get more impressions and clicks. By adding keywords, you can increase your visibility and attract the attention of potential new customers.
    • Budget ideas show you the best way to generate more traffic on your ad. They are only available for campaigns that are already reaching their current budget. Google look sat the number of Google searches for which your ad may appear, then Google suggests a budget that could help you achieve this goal.
    • Bid ideas tell you the best way to increase or decrease your cost-per-click (CPC), in order to increase traffic or reduce costs, respectively.

These ideas are automatically generated, it is possible that some are not relevant or do not meet your business objectives. We recommend that you carefully examine each idea before applying it to your campaigns. 

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