• Use the “Opportunities” tab to improve your campaigns and take full advantage of AdWords.
  • This tool shows advertisers new keywords suggestions for their accounts.
  •  This tab can be useful if you have been managing your AdWords account for a while now, and you have therefore accumulated a large amount of historical opportunities data.
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Keyword Opportunities

Keyword ideas can help you to expand and reach your audience, as they allow you to target people interested in what you offer. This tab can offer you the following opportunities.

Keywords that complement the ones you already have on your account:

The opportunities tab can provide you with keyword ideas similar to those that you have already in your account. In some cases, AdWords also presents the number of impressions and clicks each keyword idea is likely to generate each month if you add them to your account. Consider adding these keywords to your account, because they can help you to reach potential customers that interested in your products or services, but currently are missing your ads.

For more information on the ideas that are available, click “Show opportunities” on your account. These keywords are grouped into different ad groups that you can apply directly to your account. You also have the option to click on the pencil icon to edit this or that idea. For example, you can choose to add a particular idea to another ad group, modify your bid or disable keywords you do not want to add to your account.

How to implement keyword ideas

1. Click Show Opportunities to see all the keyword ideas proposed.

2. After reviewing these ideas, you can apply them directly to your account or make modifications.

  • To apply the keyword ideas directly to your account: either click Add All to account (to add all the keywords to your account) or on Add (to add each keyword separately to your account).
  • To make changes to your keywords: click the pencil icon. you can edit the ad group you want to add the keyword idea to, modify the bid amount of the ad group , or select the keyword idea to add to your account.

3. Once you have made the desired changes, click Add.

Use match types “exact phrase” or “broad match”

It is possible that among the ideas that AdWords suggest, there are some ideas as well related to the keywords match type. Sometimes, the system suggests adding an already existing keywords in a different match type, like the broad match type.

When AdWords offers a broader match type for one keyword that already exists in your account, it may be the “exact phrase” version or “broad match”. For example, if some of your keywords have a good performance, AdWords may provide you with version exact, phrase or broad match type of those keywords. So, if some of your exact phrases have a very good performance, AdWords may offer you the keyword version in broad match. If you select these types of correspondence for your existing keywords, you can reach more potential customers.

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