With online videos, you have an interactive and interesting way to attract the interest of users and encourage them to click on your ads and go to your site. Google helps to promote your business through different ad formats on the Google Display Network, that is to say, the Google network of content publishers. YouTube belongs to the network as a partner.


To create and launch a video ad campaign, you can use AdWords for video or tool for creating ads. Everything depends on the pricing model and ad formats that you prefer. Please see below the difference between the two so that you can choose the right tool for your needs.

Use the right tool for your business goals

On their sites, publishers can choose to stream videos as part of the main content, or embed videos in the form of additional content or rich media advertising. Several methods can be used to insert ads in videos posted on YouTube or on specific publisher sites in the Google Display Network.

To choose which tool to use to create your video ads, you should consider your business goals. What are they?

Reach users through the bidding cost per viewing (CPV)

If your goal is to reach users via video content billed on a CPV basis, it’s recommendable that you choose TrueView video formats and use AdWords for video. Thanks to TrueView CPV, you pay only when a user chooses to watch your video.

Use a combination of formats or bidding cost per click (CPC) / cost per thousand impressions (CPM)

If you prefer other AdWords video formats, CPC bids or CPM bidding systems for your video campaigns you might have any interest to continue to create standard display ads campaigns and develop your ads using the Display Ad builder tool.

Using AdWords for video

AdWords for video is a tool for managing campaigns designed to help you create online video campaigns more quickly. You must use specific TrueView formats for AdWords and YouTube videos.

  • On the TrueView video formats and only CPV pricing is accepted.
  • Video ads must be hosted on YouTube.
  • The options for creating reports provide detailed information specific to video ads, which are not included in other management tools on AdWords campaigns.
  • Your campaigns can only include video ads in the TrueView format. They can not contain text or image ads, or other types of video ads.

Use the Display Ad Builder tool for creating display and video ads

The Display Ad Builder tool offers various ad formats charts in several categories, including video. To access it when you start creating an ad, click the Ads tab of your account page.

  • In addition to standard graphic formats, you can create different types of video ads.
  • You use predesigned templates specific to AdWords.
  • You can choose the bidding CPC, CPM or CPV for your ads.

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