Organizing your AdWords account is critical to help you to achieve your advertising goals long term. In this article, we will discuss two important aspects that can help you to identify the organization that suits you best:

  • Organize your account by theme
  • Separate your campaigns on search and Display Networks


Organize your account by theme

To optimally organise your account, think of it as a wardrobe. You have your pants in one drawer, another one for shirts and another one for socks. Organizing your AdWords account must follow the same model, each “drawer” is a campaign .Each campaign has its own set of ads and keywords for you to target customers looking for a particular product or service more effectively.


Suppose you sell clothing. To better target your potential customers, you should create separate campaigns for each of your product categories. For example, you should set a campaign for the men’s collection and one for the women’s collection.

And that’s not all … You can then further organize your account by subdividing each “drawer” into compartments. For example, our shirt drawer can be divided into two compartments: work shirts and home shirts. These “compartments” are the ad groupsEach ad group can also have its own set of ads and keywords to further segment your campaigns.

It is important to note that the addition of additional ad groups will not affect your total cost because you set the budget at the campaign level. However, your budget can be spent more quickly if you are bidding on more keywords.


You are the owner of an electronics store and you divided your account in three campaigns: TVs, DVD players and audio systems. You can offer a wide range of brands of TVs and you want to target your potential customers. You can divide your campaign “TV” in two separate ad groups (for example, Sony TVs and Toshiba TVs), then add ads and specific keywords related to each brand in the relevant ad groups.

Separate your campaigns on search and Display Networks

When you create an AdWords campaign, Google wants to make sure you reach as many customers as possible, so that all campaigns are enabled by default for the Search and the Display Networks .

As the Search and Display Networks are different, we recommend that you divide your campaign two, one for each network. The advantages of this method include budget control at each network, targeting customers in several ways and the ability to create more accurate reports.

One of the main differences between the Display Network and the Search Network is the way it target customers.

With the Display Network, you have several ways to target potential customers:

  • You can use contextual targeting to target customers using keywords and themes.
  • You can select sites or locations where your ads will specifically show.
  • You can reach specific types of customers based on categories of interests or target users who return to your site by creating a campaign for remarketing .

With the Search Network, you can target potential customers by selecting keywords. Once you have added keywords to your campaign, your ad may appear on Google when someone types in those keywords.

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