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Like any good business manager who regularly evaluates the performance of his employees, you probably want to check the performance of your keywords. This will help you identify those keywords that allow you to achieve your advertising goals within your campaigns targeting on the Google Search Network. To do this, you can view and download the keyword performance report and analyze data from a specific period or customize your AdWords statistics to track the performance of your keywords according to match type. You can also perform a keyword analysis to examine their quality.

View and download the keyword performance report:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the tab Campaigns .
  3. Click on Keywords. Verify that the statistics represent the period, columns, filters and segments that you want to include in your report. Segments that you applied to the data will appear in your report as columns
  4. Click Download Report.
  5. A panel with the report will appear above the statistics table.

6. Enter a name for your report, then choose the report format.

7. Click Create

Use segments, columns or specific filters to track statistics on keywords

You can customize the statistics to view data based on the following:

  • Segments: divide your data into rows based on the selected (date, type, click, etc..) option.
  • Columns: add specific types of data to your statistics.
  • Filters: search and isolate the statistics you want to examine.

Use segments to visualize performance by match type

You can view the data of your keywords segmenting by match type (keywords in broad match, phrase match and exact match that triggered your ads). This allows you to compare different statistics of  search terms that triggered your ad, such as the number of clicks and impressions, CTR or conversion rate. Use the segmentation options to identify keywords that perform best for a specific type of match type.

To segment your data by match type, click Segment located above the statistics, then select “match type ” from the dropdown menu.

Use columns to track your quality score

The quality score indicates the relevance of your ads, your keywords and of your landing page. Each keyword is associated with a quality score on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest.

To show the column quality score , go to the tab keywords , and then click Columns located above the statistics. Then select Customize Columns. In the Section Attributes , click Add next to quality score.



Use the columns to view first page bid estimates

Estimates of the first page bid and top bid correspond to an evaluation of the cost-per-click (CPC) needed for your ad to reach the first page of Google search results or the top of the page when the search term exactly matches your keyword. These estimates are based on your Quality Score and current advertiser competition for that keyword. If one of your estimates of the first page bid is very high, it may mean that the quality of keyword is low.

To view your the first page bid and top bid estimate, go to the tab keywords , and then click Columns located above the statistics. Then select Customize Columns. In Section Attributes , click Add next to Estim. first page bid or East. Top bid.

Use filters to sort the data of your keywords

Filters allow you to search for specific types of data, to easily evaluate the performance of your keywords. You can filter your data in order to identify potential keywords that generate a good return on investment opportunity.

To create a filter, select the tab Keywords, click Filter, and then select Create Filter. Select the filter you want to use from the drop down panel menu “Filter”.

Make a diagnosis of your keywords

If you want to know if a keyword is triggering your ads or if you’d like to get an overview of the quality score of your keyword, you can run a diagnosis. Follow one of the procedures below, depending on whether you want to run a diagnosis of individual keywords or several keywords at once.

Diagnose individual keywords:

  1. Click the tab Campaigns .
  2. Click on Keywords.
  3. Position the mouse cursor on the speech bubble icon next to the keyword status to ascertain its quality and whether it triggers your ads. If this is not the case, AdWords will explain why and help you solve the problem. You can also get the details of your quality score, including the relevance of the keyword, the level of usability of the page and the loading time of landing page.

Perform simultaneous diagnosis of multiple keywords:

  1. Click the tab Campaigns.
  2. Click on Keywords
  3. Click on the dropdown menu Details
  4. Select Diagnostics keywords.

5. In the panel Keyword Diagnosis, you can customize your analysis to answer specific questions regarding the visibility of your ad. You can, for example, check if users from certain countries or those who use interface languages see your ad.


6. Click Run Test

7. When you get the results of a keyword diagnosis test, the information in the column state changes.



The diagnostic results are valid at the time of the execution of the test and may quickly become obsolete.

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