Enjoy the upcoming holiday season to promote your products or services online. The following checklist will help you maximize the return on investment of your AdWords campaigns during this period.


Before the holiday season


1. Target your potential customers the right way

Create a separate and dedicated Seasonal AdWords campaign

We recommend that you create a separate campaign for the holidays season. So that you can allocate a specific budget for this period and reuse this campaign the following years, if it proves to be successful.

Prepare for your campaign in advance

Since the approval of your ads may take several days, you should create your seasonal campaign in advance and then pause it. When you’re ready, simply reactivate your campaign at the most appropriate time.

Be specific in order to reach interested customers

This campaign should help you to reach the customers interested in your offer. Be sure to adapt your list of keywords, your ad text and your landing pages based on the specificities of the holidays period.

Use geographic targeting

Even if your ad is well written, it will probably not be effective if it is not targeted to the right place. Make sure that you are selecting the geo targeting settings that match your campaign objectives and your potential customers’ location.


2. Do not miss out this holiday season because of billing problems


Avoid problems of non-payment

In case of refusal of payment, your ads will stop showing. You may want to take preventive measures to avoid this kind of situation. Be sure that your account has enough funds to last for the whole season.

Add a form of payment

Your ads will stop running if the AdWords system can not charge you for your advertising activity, we strongly recommend that you set-up a backup form of payment, especially if you use automatic payments. If for any reason your primary payment method does not work, then Google can immediately charge your backup credit card and ensure the continuous delivery of your ads.

Do not exhaust your daily budget during this period

When a campaign budget is fully spent, the ads start showing intermittently, make sure to set an appropriate daily budget up. Remember that other advertisers may also invest more on their AdWords campaigns during these periods.

If you pay by bank transfer, make sure you transfer funds timely

In the Billing tab of your account, you can check your balance and recent payments. In addition, Google will send you an email when they receive a bank transfer. Note that Google must have a reference number to match your payment to your account.

It may take up to two weeks between the sending and receiving money transfers. As we approach the holidays, do not forget to take this into consideration!


3. Track the results of your campaign


Plan ahead to be able to measure conversions

If you want to identify the keywords or ads that generate the most clicks and conversions (such as sales), use the AdWords Conversion Tracking. This tool will allow you to enhance and improve your future seasonal campaigns.

Assign tags to your URL to learn more about your visitors and buyers

Google Analytics helps you understand how visitors arrive at your site and what pages they visit. This information enables you to maximize the opportunities for interaction with clients you attracted to your site through your AdWords ads. You can then evaluate the success of your campaign and learn how to improve the next.

During the holiday season


4. Make sure your ads at the most appropriate

If you want to make last minute changes, it is best to create an ad.

Rather than modifying your ad copy, try to create more ads to test the performance of different versions.


Make sure your ads are running

If you have any doubt if your ad is showing, you can use the preview tool to check the status of your ad and statistics.

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