To view specific performance data, you can customize statistics charts on your AdWords account using columns, segments and filters. Once the table looks exactly like you want, you can download it as a report in different formats. The request is then automatically recorded by AdWords. You can also configure the report to generate the regular schedule and sending e-mail to yourself or others with access to your account.

In AdWords, you always have two easy ways to view and analyze your performance data:

  • Personalize your statistics charts going to the tab Campaigns and using columns, segments and filters to get a glance at the data you need.
  • Generate ad hoc or regular reports that you can download, e-mail and share.

To create and download a report and plan its regular sending by e-mail, follow these steps.

Customize your table to create a report

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the tab Campaigns .

Click the tab containing the table of statistics you want to download. Check if it contains period, columns, filters and segments that you want to include in your report. Segments that you applied to the data table appear in your report as columns.

Download the table as a report

  1. Click in the toolbar above the table to open the download panel.
  2. Enter a name for your report.
  3. Use the drop down menu “Format” to select a file type for your report.
create and schedule adwords


Schedule report creation and send it by email

  1. If you want to receive your report by e-mail or send it to other users, click the link create the report and send it by e-mail located in the download panel. Select the recipients of the report and the frequency with which you want to generate and send the report.
create 2


2. Click Create


Tip: In addition to changing the frequency of sending and receiving your reports, you can easily create variations of existing reports, with the option Create a similar report. You can also change the names, format and timing of your existing reports. To do this, simply click Reports in the left panel of your AdWords account, below the list of campaigns.

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