Engagement Ad banners allow you to convey a more tailored message to you audience. AdWords have a wide range of Engagement formats based on rich media ads with which you can send message your brand to potential customers. Note that you only pay when users interact with your ads.

Engagement ads

Here are some advantages to using Engagement ads:

  • Reach the right customers: You can target your ads using all the different targeting methods on the Display Network. In addition, you pay only when users interact with your ads (interest occurs when users “activate” your message: hovering over your ad for two seconds, for example).
  • Select one of our rich media formats available: you can create an ad using one of our multimedia formats. Depending on the situation, you can create, for example, an ad that unfolds to provide a Lightbox display mode, full screen or an ad that plays a video in the ad unit with the sound on.

Who should create campaigns that focus on interaction?

Campaigns focusing on interactions can be very useful for advertisers primarily interested in building up their brand. With this type of campaign, advertisers who already have online resources such as videos or catalogs can create Engagement ads in minutes.

Running Engagement ads

Ads aiming for interaction are available in standard formats of the IAB. When users interact with these ads, they charge the rich media technology in the ad. This type of interaction reduces accidental interactions, providing an optimized user experience and increased profitability for advertisers. For example, to interact with laptops and desktop computers, users simply move the mouse cursor over the ad for two seconds. On mobile phones and tablets, users can press the ad to activate it.

Ads targeting the interaction are available for the following major formats:

  • Image ads: the Lightbox option transform a standard display ad in a large canvas, transposing the feel of the landing page directly into the ad. For example, users can view videos or interact with your catalogs directly from the ad.
  • Hover-to-play ads: these ads transpose into full display after two seconds rollover on advertisement happens.

Create a Engagement campaign:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at adwords.google.com
  2. Go to the tab Campaigns, click the drop down menu + Campaign and select Display Network only.
  3. Enter a name for your campaign.
  4. Select the type of campaign Display Network only – Engagement.
  5. Adjust the location and language settings.
  6. In the “Bidding and budget” section, the only option available is “Focus on the interest and engagement, bidding manual maximum CPC.” With this option, you pay only when users interact with your ads.
  7. Enter your budget.
  8. Select any other settings that you want for your campaign.
  9. Click Save and continue .
  10. On the ad group, enter the name of the ad group and your default bid. This is the maximum amount you agree to pay for engagement ads in an ad group.
  11. Choose how you want to target your ads (eg, “Interests and remarketing lists”).
  12. Click Save and continue .
  13. On the next page, click on the desired template.
  14. Specify the resources and information needed to create your engagement ads and click verify and Save.
  15. You can create as many engagement ads for your campaign as you want by clicking the “+” sign. When you have finished creating your ads, click Save and continue.

A few important notes:

  • Evaluate the results of the campaign: When you have followed the instructions on how to set up your campaign and after the campaign is published, you can check the number of engagements in your ads in observing the ‘Clicks’ column. The interaction rate is displayed in the “CTR” column and the average cost per interaction is displayed in the column “Avg CPC.”.
  • Access additional reports: the actual clicks to the landing page are displayed in the “free clicks” report. From this report, you can also know the number of users who have viewed a certain percentage of your videos.

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