Many advertisers do business over the phone, and value phone calls as much as they value clicks to their website. Whether they have a complex product or customers who may need to make an appointment for their services, phone calls are a proven way for advertisers to connect with potential customers.

For advertisers who value phone calls, Google has a number of advertising options for promoting their ad with a phone number on computers, tablets, or mobile devices. In fact, these ads are now driving millions of calls a week for businesses around the world. Read on to learn more!

Driving calls to your business

Advertisers looking for calls from mobile customers should use Call extensions. These extend ads with a phone number, allowing mobile customers to directly call a business from the mobile ad.

Advertisers with branded phone numbers like 1-800-FLOWERS can use vanity numbers in their call extensions.

Google also offers the option to show ads that only allow calls. Just choose “Allow only clicks-to-call” in your extension settings!

Drive calls and visits to your business location

Some advertisers value both phone calls and foot traffic to their stores. Location Extensions extend a normal text ad with both a phone number and business address.  On mobile phones, this phone number is clickable, and the address extension can pull up a map and driving directions.

Some advertisers may have a lot of physical locations but would prefer calls to all go to a centralized call center rather than the individual stores. They can pair location extensions with a call extension for this call center, and we’ll always show the phone number in the call extension.

Use AdWords call metrics to measure calls from desktop ads

Many advertisers choose to include their phone numbers in the ad text.  In the US & UK, advertisers can enable a Google forwarding number in their call extension settings which will show on both computers and tablets (as well as mobile devices). This lets a business track completed calls, their duration, and the originating area code.

More importantly though, advertisers using the Google forwarding number option can bid for calls.

Tips for bidding per call on computers and tablets

Your max cost per phone call (CPP) bid should reflect the value of a call to your business. Your max CPC bid should reflect the value of a click to your website.
If you would like to receive more phone calls, increase your call (max CPP) bid.

If you would like to receive more clicks to your website, increase your click (max CPC) bid


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