When running a business, one of the main objectives usually is to increase sales and attract prospects. To achieve this, it is necessary to implement direct response campaigns encouraging users to perform a specific action (ie. buy a product or subscribe to a newsletter).

Campaigns with the Objective of traffic generation and prospects recruiting: best Practices

  • Encourage users to make a purchase
  • Recruit prospects by getting their contact information via a registration page
  • Increase traffic to your website in order to disseminate information

Which type of AdWords campaigns should one use?

It’s recommendable that you combine different keyword-targeted campaigns on the Google Search Network and the Google Display Network . Here’s why:

  • Google Search Network

When you’re running a campaign on the Google Search Network, your ads appear on the pages of the Google search results. You choose keywords related to your business, then participate in an auction. Your ad is then eligible to appear when a user searches for one of these keywords.

  • Search Network partners

AdWords allows you to show your ads on other search sites like Google. They can bring to your site additional high quality traffic and help you to attract new prospects. Your ads may appear next to search results on these partner sites of the Search Network.

  • Google Display Network

You can use contextual targeting on the Google Display Network to target specific pages relevant to your advertising message. Contextual targeting allows Google to establish a correspondence between your keywords and relevant web pages. So Google distributes your message to users reading and browsing web content related to your product or service, and are therefore more likely to be interested in your offer.

In conclusion, the best way to use AdWords to attract prospects and increase sales is to use a combination of Google Campaigns, making use of all the options that Google offers. If the Search Network is great for direct response and sales, the Display Network helps to send advertisers messages across a large audience and make their brand and products more visible to potentially interested prospects.

Like always, testing is the key to achieve success on AdWords.

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