If your main goal is to use AdWords to increase traffic on your site, try to focus on increasing the number of clicks and your click through rate (CTR). Start by choosing effective keywords and by creating attractive and highly relevant ads. Then monitor closely your keywords’ and search terms’ clicks and CTR.

Why is it important to think about the link between the ad text and keywords? Effective keywords and highly relevant ads link the users to your website and your products and services. The better the connection between ads and keywords, the better the CTR and the more clicks you are going to get.


What AdWords statistics should you monitor closely?

Here are some important statistics to monitor when tracking a campaign focused on increasing traffic to the website:

  • Clicks and click-through rate (CTR): these two statistics allow you to understand how many users have found your ad attractive enough to click on it and visit your website. You can check the number of clicks and CTR at all levels of your account. For example, you can see the number of clicks of a campaign, ad group or ad, or the number of clicks that specific keywords generated after triggering your ads. On the Search Network, a CTR over 2% is generally considered satisfactory.
  • Keywords: monitor closely the performance of your keywords using the  following:

    • Regularly update your keyword list. Pause or delete the terms that are not effective (ie. those that generate less than 1% CTR or have low quality score)Add columns and segments to your statistics tab to obtain an overview of clicks, CTR and quality levels of your keywords, and other related data.
    • Use the four keyword match type options: broad, phrase, exact and broad match modifier to determine who will see your ads. Some options can generate more ad impressions, clicks and conversions. Other fewer impressions but more precise targeting.
    • Make a keyword analysis to get a complete overview of their quality. This gives you information on the quality score of your keyword and you can determine if they in fact triggering your ads. A quality score greater than or equal to 5 is generally considered satisfactory.
  • Search Terms : If you use broad, phrase or broad match modifier match type keywords, your ads can appear when a user performs a search on a variation of the word (for example, a similar expression or a connected term). To see a list of searches that triggered your ad, click Show search terms in the keywords tab  on your account. This report can help you to identify relevant terms that drive traffic to your website, then add them as keywords. If some of them do not apply to your business, you can add them as negative keywords, so that they do not trigger your ads anymore.

If “Added” appears in green next to a search term, it means it is already included in your list of keywords.


If your campaign has the broad match keyword buy car , the report may indicate that your ad was triggered by the search query “buy car london”. If your products are marketed on the London market, you can add this expression as a keyword in your account. Otherwise, you can add London as a negative keywordThus, that search query will not trigger your ads any longer. The addition of irrelevant search terms as negative keywords can help you improve your CTR and save money.

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