How to chose the right bidding system for a campaign is a something that lots of advertisers wonder?

With AdWords, you have several options available to set bids for your ads, depending on your main objectives. For most advertisers, the priority is the number of clicks, ad impressions or conversions.

If you want to run AdWords ads, you probably have define the objective of your advertising. If you sell tables, you may want to attract more customers in your store. If you manage a fishing club, you may want a larger number of people sign up for your newsletter. And so on.

If you know exactly what should serve your ads for, you know how to set your bids.

When you bid, you can give priority to one of the following three elements: clicks, impressions and conversions. To help you know which to choose, examine them more closely.

Focus on clicks

If your main objective is to attract visitors to your website, clicks are a good starting point. Use the bidding cost per click (CPC) to pay only when a user clicks on your ad and visits your site.

With CPC bidding, you can use one of the following options:

  • Automatic bidding

This is the easiest way to bid. Set a daily budget and let the AdWords system adjust your CPC bids to generate the highest number of clicks possible within that budget.

  • Manual bidding

Take total control over your CPC bids. The auction system allows you to manually set bids at the ad group or keywords or placements. Your bid corresponds exactly to the one you want.

Focus on Impressions

Instead of paying for each click, you can choose to pay each time your ad is displayed, provided that your campaign does target the Display Network. You then use the bidding cost per thousand impressions (CPM), where you pay for every thousand times your ad is shown. We recommend that you use this option if your main goal is to show your name or logo to a maximum number of people.

As the system manual CPC bidding, the bidding CPM allows you to set bids at the ad group level.

Focus on Conversions

This bidding option allows you to configure your account in a way that indicates to the AdWords system the amount that you are willing to pay per conversion. A conversion corresponds to a particular action you want visitors of your website to make:  a purchase, a subscription to a newsletter or some other action. We are talking about bidding cost per acquisition (CPA), because your goal is to get conversions.

To use the CPA bidding, you must, among other things, enable conversion trackingThis option is offered within the AdWords account.

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