If your main purpose of advertising is to increase traffic to your site, try to focus on increasing the number of clicks and clickthrough rate (CTR). Start by creating a powerful ad copy and choose effective keywords to create highly relevant and engaging ads. Then watch closely clicks, CTR, keywords and search terms.

Why worry about the link between the ad text and keywords? Imagine a boat and an oar, and think about how they agree to reach a destination. Effective keywords can guide an ad directly linked to them to interested customers. You will be able to increase the number of clicks and CTR.

What are the statistics to be evaluated?

Here are some important statistics for evaluating a campaign focused on increasing traffic and to try to improve campaign performance:

  • Clicks and clickthrough rate (CTR) : these two statistics allow you to understand how many users have found your ad attractive enough to click and visit your website. You can estimate the number of clicks and CTR at all levels of your account. For example, you can see the number of clicks recorded by a campaign, ad group or an ad, or the number of clicks that specific keywords are generating after triggering your ads. On the Search Network, a CTR more than 1% is generally considered satisfactory.
  • Keywords: monitor closely the performance of your keywords through the following strategies.
    • Regularly update your keyword list. Put in standby or delete words that are not effective (eg those that generate less than 1% or lower CTR ) and add in others. Add columns and segments to your table statistics tab Keywords to get an overview of clicks, CTR and quality score of your keywords..
    • Use the four options of the keyword match to determine who will see your ads. Some keyword match types generate a greater number of ad impressions, clicks and conversions. Other fewer impressions but more precise targeting.
    • Use the keyword diagnostic tool to obtain a comprehensive overview of their quality. You will get information on the levels of quality of your keywords and you can determine if they trigger your ads. A level greater than or equal to 5 in terms of quality is generally considered satisfactory.
  • Search Terms: If you use broad match keywords (the default), your ads can appear when a user searches on a variant of the keyword (for example, a similar phrase or word). To view the list of searches that triggered your ad, go to the tab keywords of your account, click on keyword details, and then select All . You can use this report to identify the relevant terms that drive traffic to your website to add them as keywords in your campaign. If some of them do not relate to your business, you can add them as negative keywords, so they do not trigger your ads any more.


If “Added” appears in green next to a search term, it means it is already included in your list of keywords.

For example:

If your campaign includes the broad keyword digital cameras , the report may indicate that your ad was triggered by the search query “digital cameras new york.” If your products are aimed at the New York market, you can add this expression as a keyword in your account. Otherwise, you can add New York as a keyword to exclude. Thus, the search query will no longer trigger your ads. Adding irrelevant search terms as negative keywords can help you improve your CTR.

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