YouTube Advertising

Are you looking to advertise on YouTube? Try AdCom's flexible YouTube campaigns creation and management service. Simple!

YouTube Advertising Service

YouTube is the #1 video streaming website in the world and nowadays it’s easier than ever to advertise there.

Advertising on YouTube can appear to be a daunting task sometimes. AdCom helps clients to be present on YouTube by setting up, managing and optimising YouTube campaigns.


AdCom helps you to reach more prospective customers by ensuring your video ad appears whenever viewers are watching, searching, and browsing YouTube videos and websites across the Google Display Network.

From quick campaign creation to detailed reporting, AdCom gives you all you need to create and manage your video ads.

AdCom’s YouTube Advertising Methodology:


  • helps advertisers spread your message on a larger scale
  • creates from scratch and manages high perfoming YouTube campaigns
  • helps advertisers to target and reach their audience
  • provides valuable insights about your videos and on who’s watching, how long and from where
  • provides transparent, easy to understand YouTube performance reports


The YouTube Product Offerings with which AdCom usually works:




First Watch Ad Placements


TrueView In-Search


TrueView In-Display


TrueView In-Stream Ads


TrueView In-Slate


YouTube In-Video Ads


Display Ads (Banner or Rich Media)


YouTube Analytics