AdWords Brazilian Market

The Brazilian Online market is growing exponentially. The Opportunities are there to be taken and they can be very rewarding. AdCom can help you to sell your products and services in Brazil via AdWords.

Portuguese AdWords Campaigns Creation Brazilian Market

AdCom is a specialist in Pay per Click for the Brazilian market. We have built and optimised thousands of AdWords campaigns targeting Brazil over the last 5 and a half years.

We have worked with many of the most important Brazilian AdWords advertisers and we’ve helped Internationalise European and US advertisers to Brazil with excellent results.




AdCom creates highly targeted and effective Search and Display campaigns built by Native Portuguese speakers with years of AdWords experience.

Besides creating campaigns for Brazil, we can advise advertiser’s on their Portuguese Landing pages and on the main payment methods that should be made available to users.

Forecasts of average CPC, Traffic and Overall Campaign Cost for the Brazilian Market

Knowing what to expect from campaigns targeting international markets can be difficult when an advertiser is starting to move into a specific market.

AdCom provides you with estimations and forecasts on how much traffic coming from Brazil you’ll get; how much can you expect the average Cost per Click to be; estimation on how much do you need to spend to achieve your goals.

AdWords Campaigns Optimisation for the Brazilian Market

If you already have a Pay per Click campaign targeting Brazil we can help to increase its efficiency, performance and ROI. We have a vast experience working with Brazilian advertisers and with European and American companies that internationalised successfully to Brazil.

We perform high quality AdWords optimisations that allow our customers to:

  • Improve ROI
  • Increase Sales
  • Increase Sign-ups or Leads
  • Lower Costs
  • Improve Conversion Cost

Our Experience

Since we’ve joined Google, Inc. in 2006, we have created thousands of campaigns – Search and Display – across all sectors and verticals. We know exactly how the AdWords system works and what it’s required for a campaign to have excellent performance and results.

We were extensively trained at Google on how the system works and on how to build highly effective converting campaigns.