International PPC and AdWords

In a Global online market, customisation and adaptation to the local market are key. AdCom doesn't translate campaigns from one language to another. We have native people that create and optimise AdWords campaigns.

AdWords International PPC Service

The internationalisation via AdWords is always an important step for any business. Foreign markets present different Online challenges in terms of user behaviour, online market maturity, levels of competitiveness, costs of market entry, etc. 


AdCom’s International PPC service aims to help advertisers to enter new online markets in a sucessful way, making the most of their investment.

We have a vast experience in internationalisation. We have worked with dozens advertisers on their multilingual AdWords expansion.

AdCom’s International PPC Methodology

  • Research of online market trends of the target markets
  • Identification and sizing of the online opportunity
  • Definition of the goals and KPIs
  • Keyword and placement research
  • Creation and presentation of campaign proposal to the client
  • Creation of the campaigns
  • Revision of the campaigns by the client
  • Once the campaigns are approved, they are activated
  • Continuous Optimisation

AdCom’s Multilingual Team

  • Campaigns are always created from scratch by native speakers
  • Direct translation of campaigns do not work due to language and cultural specificities

Same high level peformance as the one in the advertisers primary market

  • Our multilingual campaigns equal or surpass the performance of our clients primary market AdWords campaigns

Multilingual AdWords Campaigns Reporting

  • We provide transparent reporting to our customers comparing the new multilingual campaigns AdWords performance to the primary market ones.