AdWords Remarketing Management

Remarketing allows advertisers to re-engage their site visitors. A second chance to convert potential customers. Be creative, be systematic and convert people that already visited your website!

Remarketing Management Service

Remarketing on the Google Display Network allows an advertiser to re-engage site visitors with measureable performance at a massive scale.
Drive traffic with search and other display, then win customers back with remarketing.

Remarketing gets more out of the budget you’re already spending.

Remarketing campaigns work very well when they are aligned with the commercial strategy of a business.

With remarketing an advertiser can re-target users with special offers, discounts, promotions and do cross selling.

And because the users that are being retargeted already visited your website, the performance of the Remarketing campaigns are usually quite good.

AdCom defines and sets up a remarketing strategy based on the Advertisers’ objectives.

AdCom’s Remarketing Methodology:

  • Reach Your Visitors As Soon As They Leave Your Site: We help you to start showing ads to visitors just minutes after they leave your site, for maximum performance. No lost opportunities.

  • Bidding: We define your bidding strategy with CPC, and we continuosly adjust it for better performance

  • On-going Optimisation: We make sure our clients allocate their investment to only what converts well by performing continuous optimisations of their remarketing campaigns

  • Measurable ROI and transparent reporting: We provide a completely transparent report, very easy to read and to understand how and why remarketing is bringing value to our clients

  • AdCom helps advertisers to target custom audiences:We help our customers target the right custom audience, for example, is an advertiser wants to target the users that haven’t converted on the website, we set up remarketing in a way to exclude all the users that converted and they won’t see the remarketing ads

How does remarketing work?


Remarketing is a targeting method which allows you to target users who have already visited your website.

Users who have visited your website are more likely to remember your brand and your product and more likely to return to your site if they see an ad for it elsewhere.