Google Search Optimisation

Search Campaigns Optimisation


We optimise the campaigns keyword list so that the advertiser can focus his investment on the keywords that are generating conversions. We refine the keyword list so they can have a high click  through rate, a high quality score and the best Cost per Click possible.

AdCom also focus its work on:

AdCom optimised the campaign structure and ad groups so it maximises performance. A well structured, granular campaign achieves better results in terms of conversions and conversion cost.


We optimise the ads using several techniques that allow the creative to achieve a better CTR like call to actions and keyword insertion. We also adapt the language to the local market and use the right terminology to make sure the ads are related to their audience.


Paying the right Cost per Click is essential to improve performance and conversion rate. We can help implement automatic bidding systems or test several CPC bids to find the best bidding strategy.


AdCom builds an extensive negative keywords list to filter irrelevant traffic and improve ROI.


We optimise all AdWords extensions to maximise their performance. The use of extensions is strategical and an important factor in an AdWords strategy.