Google Display Optimisation

Get the full benefits of a full optimised Display campaign. AdCom improves the performance of keyword, placement, interest marketing and remarketing campaigns.

Display Network Optimisation

The Google Display network is composed of thousands and thousands of websites. We optimise Display campaigns by identifying and profiling your users and then matching your ads with your audience across the web. 


We help you on some of the following opportunities

  1. Keyword Performance
  2. Automatic Placements
  3. Create separate Search & Display Campaigns


  • Placements

AdCom optimises the placements where advertisers are targeting potential customers.


  • Negative Placements

We exclude the placements and themes that are not relevant to your product or business. AdCom filters the Display traffic that your campaign is getting leaving out the placements that could accrue high costs and where performance is poor.


  • Remarketing

AdCom can advise the advertisers on where are the best places to remarketing users, to place the tags and how to generate a big and interested audience. We use several techniques using the creative and commercial strategies to improve remarketing performance.